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tijaana's blog

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I have nothing more to say than this..

Just same old me..

001. Real Name → Tijana
002. Nickname[s]→ not that I approve
003. Male Or Female → Female
004. Elementary → yep
005. Middle school → yep
006. High School → in progress
007. Hair Color → dark brown with a red glow(???)
008. Long Or Short → short
009. Loud Or Quiet → loud
010. Sweats Or Jeans → jeans
011. Phone Or Camera → phone
012. Health Freak → no
013. Drink Or Smoke? → drink..I'm ashamed
014. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? → nah
015. Eat Or Drink? → drink
016. Piercings? → if you count one on cartilage,than yes
017. Tattoos? → not yet

018. An Airplane → no
019. A


I just watched two last movies of Harry Potter(for second time but nevermind)!!I'm so fulfilled and emotional at this moment :')

After all this time?
Always..<3 xx


And I don't even care!I love my lame side :)

Twitter anyone?

I just started using twitter again(yay me!)so if anyone wants to follow me...I follow back! :)


Oh I spent last 15 minutes tuning my violin and it still sound like shit..damn thing why don't you like me??


Oh well school is starting on monday...I have no idea how am I going to handle it :\ But fortunately it starts at 2pm so I can sleep longer!!I'm so tired,I cleaned whole yesterday evening,and now I can finally walk throuhg my room!
Oh god I'm so messed up right now..I really don't like my highschool,and I miss my friends :( But hey,maybe I'll get a cat!! :D



No,you give me YOUR 20$!And if you wan't mine you're gonna have to dance for them! :D

I wondered..

How is it to be a boy?My friend and I always thought that we would be better guys than girls..We're not girly and classy at all..And wouldn't life be easier if we were boys?If I was a dude I would pee from buildings all the time!I wouldn't have to care too much how I look all the time,deal with this shitload of emotions,I could play video games without my friends thinking that that's crazy..I don't know..Do some other awesome stuff that girls can't do..Jesus I sound like a psychopath :D

Nothing to do here..

I've hever had a nightmare,and I want to expirience that so I'm searching on web how to have a nightmare,so it could scare the shit out of myself!!I haven't found anything useful yet,anyone know any way to do it?
I'm a freak I know.. :)