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Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 3!

This is "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" by Fall Out Boy. A good substitution for classic carols and over-covered holiday pop tunes, in my opinion!

Also, love the reference to "A Christmas Story"! :D


The Texas license plate kind of reminds me of the album cover for Danger Days...

Does anyone see this, or is this just my brain trying to relate anything and everything to MCR? :P

Christmas Songs that Don't Suck 2!

Day 2!

Here's a really nice version of "White Christmas" preformed by Panic! At The Disco :)

Hope your Christmas actually is a white one, because here in Texas, we're having highs of 76...

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 1!

Good morning to ya!

Here's a wonderful way to start off your Christmas countdown - with My Chemical Romance, of course! Their rendition of "All I Want for Christmas is You" will get you pumped up for the holidays. :)

Happy December!

It's December everybody! Woot! Party it up!

No but seriously, I am VERY much excited that it is Dember now. A) My first semester of college is almost over, B) I love the Christmas season, and C) Conventional Weapons 3!

Remember: 18 more days until CV 3, and then only one week after that until Christmas. I think we all can make it!

And while CV 3 will certainly rock your holidays, I know that we all get tired of hearing Christmas songs on the radio nonstop.

My Killjoy Character

So, this is my Killjoy character Tiger Beam. :) There are lines through the picture because I had to draw a figure for one of my art classes, and then we split the figures into thirds and mix-matched the pieces with other people's figures. So I decided that I would make my figure a Killjoy.

Haha, so I'm not too much of a realistic artist, so I know it's not a proportional person or whatever, but I had to make it fit on all the 3 parts :P

I tried to add some details to make the character unique to me, such as : the logo on her jacket ties in with the name, as it is a tiger shooting a laser


Happy Friday!

Haha, so the picture is kind if self-explanatory. But it's true - those hairstyles were all just happenstance. I sort of just picked random colors, but the dark brown is my natural hair color. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has or has had hairstyles like any of the wonderful guys in MCR, whether by chance or on purpose. And if you've got pictures, I'd love to see 'em! :)

Also, if anyone has any final exams or whatnot for school coming up, study hard and good luck! Crank up some MCR tunage and power through!

Music Videos!

Good afternoon!

Hope everyone is keeping warm (or cool!) wherever in the world you are. Thinking about this over lunch today (Chick-Fil-A!) - MCR has created so many amazing music videos! They are amazing in their theatricality, narrative story-telling, and just plain awesomeness. Out of all of their videos, which is your personal favorite? Or top 3 if you're that indecisive ;)

I really love the video for "Desolation Row". Everything about it is epic - the costumes, the little story, visuals... It's basically ear/eye candy (and not to mention Gerard's hair looks really awesome in slow


Morning all!

I'm sitting in my 2-D design art class waiting for my laptop to turn on so I can write an essay, so, while I wait, I have a question for all of you in the MCRmy: do you play any instruments? And if you do, have you played any MCR songs on said instrument(s)? Which is your favorite to play? And I'll count your voice as an instrument; why not.

I play violin, mandolin, bass guitar (left-handed), and sing.

I had Bowie hair today...

So I looked like this today: hair combed back, polo with popped collar, black eye makeup. So, naturally, I thought - "Hair back, collar up, jet black, so cool!". Then I went outside to go to my 11:00 English class, and my scarf was sparkly, and then I realized that since my hair was red, I looked like David Bowie when I wore it back. So, again, I thought - "Sparkle like Bowie in the morning sun!". It was truly a "Vampire Money" kind of day. :)