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Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 9!

A great one by The Used - "Alone this Holiday"!

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 8!

Another Christmas song from Weezer. :)

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 7!

Frank Iero's song about how much he loves Christmas!

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 6!

Here's "The Christmas Song" by Weezer!

Best Essay Ever!!!

I had my English essay final today, and the topic was "Write about something you're interested in, and convince me why I would benefit from being involved in this." So, guess what I wrote about?

Yep, you guessed it - My Chemical Romance! It was definitely the longest and most well-written essay I've ever done in a 50 min. time span! I wrote for a solid 50 min. nonstop, and it only seemed like it was about ten. :) I hope I get a good grade on it, because I put my heart and soul in to that thing! It's wonderful to write about something you love so much for a grade. In my opinion, at least.


Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 5!

Here's another covered song from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" - "What's This?" By Fall Out Boy. This song makes me happy. c:

I made a video!

Here it is - the world debut of my crappy drawing project, "Desolation Row". It by no means meets any sort of standard of quality previously set forth by humanity, but that's because it was a horrible assignment that in no way will benefit a career in screenwriting. So enjoy this 34.55 seconds of your life wasted. At least it has a fantastic soundtrack. :)

But seriously, I want to be a screenwriter, but the film program is in the art department at my college, so I'm required to take 3 art classes per semester this year. :/ But one ended today, and the other two end tomorrow! THANK GOD!

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 4!

Here's "Making Christmas" covered by Rise Against. I love "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (as well as almost everything else Tim Burton has done), as it is the perfect combination of warm and fuzzy and creepy and spooky. The music by Danny Elfman is wonderful, and his singing voice for Jack Skellington is fantastic. This version of "Making Christmas" is certainly more hardcore, and is a lot of fun to jump around and shake your hair to. :D

I wrote a song

Title says it all - I wrote a song. It's called, "Gabby, I'm Broke this Christmas", and it is my Christmas gift to my friend Gabby because I am, in fact, broke.

I am going to work this weekend with my dad and brother to hammer out the guitar, drum, and bass lines, then record the song. Putting it all together, I'm going to then make a music video, and that will be my friend's present.

If anyone is interested in seeing it, I'll share it here when I'm done. :)

Thanks MCRmy!


So, this is sort just me wondering out loud...

Since I have only recently become and MCR fanatic (late August/early September), I was not 'around' per say when their past albums were being recorded and then released. Now, as I understand it, they are in the studio recording what's known now as "MCR5". Does anyone know when they started recording this, and can anyone give me an estimate as to long it will take?

I'm not impatient, and I know that it will probably be QUITE a while before we hear anything about this album, but I have never really been a fan of any band that is still together or