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Gerard Way + Voltaire Christmas Video!

An amazing stop-motion video by Voltaire and narrated by one other than our beloved Gerard Way, titled "X-Mess Detritus"! Hope you all enjoy this superb little gem :)

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 16!

Alice Cooper with a rockin' "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town".

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 15!

Stephen Colbert's "Just Another Christmas Song"! Sorry it's late :P

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 14!

I know that this is different from the other songs that I have posted previously,but, given the circumstances of the tragic events earlier today, I thought it was appropriate.

This is Michael Bublé singing a beautiful and soothing rendition of "Silent Night".

I hope you all have a safe, warm, and happy night.

Sing It For Connecticut

I know each and every one of our hearts go out for the friends and families of those affected by the tragedy in Connecticut today. They need our love and support.

Just think happy thoughts.
You're not in this alone.
We'll carry on.
I am not afraid to keep on living.
Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls.
We're believers, I believe tonight.

Keep strong.

I also found out that my uncle who lives in Connecticut has co-workers who have children that attend that school.

Show the world we care.

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 13!

It's Twisted Sister with their rockin' version of "O Come All Ye Faithful"! And it's a music video! Rock on!

Christmas Songs That's Don't Suck 12!

Blink-182's new song "Boxing Day"! Enjoy!

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 11!

The awesomely amazing Trans-Siberian Orchestra with "A Mad Russian's Christmas"! Also a pretty spectacular light show.:)

Very Much Alive

I absolutely love all of the enthusiasm and support that we are putting out to show people in troubling times and situations that we care! The MCRmy truly is one big family and Iam very grateful to be a part of it. :) I'm doing my part today! I had to make it relatively small because I had training for my new job at the movie theatre (!) tonight, and was going to have to cover it up with a watch. But as it turns out, my training was cancelled for the week. :/ Oh, well! I like it anyway.

Hope everyone is enjoying the month so far.

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 10!

Here is All Time Low's "Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass"! Plus - it's a music video! Yay!