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Movie 43 Trailer

My mom showed this trailer to my dad for a movie called "Movie 43". I was on the couch next to them listening, when all of a sudden, the trailer starts playing "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na)"! It made my day. That is all. c:

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck Playlist!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas today! Mine is super special because
1) I got "The Umbrella Academy: Dallas" (I live near Dallas so SUPER excited for that) and an MCR shirt
2) IT'S FUCKING SNOWING BITCHES!!! Pardon my language but I'm just so psyched that I actually get a white Christmas this year :D This also means that my pajamas-inside-out-spoon-under-pillow trick WORKED! And you know what they say: it's only stupid if it doesn't work.
3) I'm going to go see "The Hobbit" tonight! I am such a huge Tolkien fan it's ridiculous.

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 24!

And now, here's MCR with their holiday classic, "Every Snowflake is Different"!

I saw this episode on tv today, and I was laughing so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes from all the fangirling I was doing. Because, sad as it is, as a recently new fan (late August/early September), I have never had the wonderful opportunity to see the band on tv before. So, even though it was a rerun, and I had seen the video before, seeing them on my tv singing and playing and dancing to the best song ever written about snowflakes basically made my Christmas.

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 23!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Here's Iron Maiden with "Another Rock 'N' Roll Christmas"! Haven't heard this before, but I must say that I really enjoy it :)

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 22!

"The Christmas Song" by New Found Glory!

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 21!

"Carol of the Bells" by August Burns Red!

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 20!

A wonderful Christmas song by John Lennon - "Happy Xmas (War is Over)". :)

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 19!

A very rockin' Christmas song from AC/DC - "Mistress for Christmas" :)

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 18!

The Beatles fan in me couldn't refrain from posting this :) Here's Paul McCartney with "Wonderful Christmas Time".

Christmas Songs That Don't Suck 17!

Happy Monday - IT'S A QUEEN CHRISTMAS SONG: "Thank God it's Christmas"!!!

I love this so much! I can't believe I had never heard this song before; why don't they play it on the radio or anything!?