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My Birthday!

Morning MCRmy! Guess what day it is? If you said Thursday, or Jan 10th, you would be correct. But it's also my birthday! I'm 19 today ~ hooray! (Oh, and does anyone know what this squiggle ~ is actually for?) I kicked off the day at midnight by listening to Mindless Self Indulgence, but it is not good bedtime music :P Haha, I have to drive up to my college today to meet with an advisor about changing classes, so not looking forward to that :I But I get to go to dinner tonight with my family and two best friends, so that will be alright! And I just got my hair cut yesterday c:

Anyway, I hope


So, comics/graphic novels I have read so far:
Scott Pilgrim
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1
The Umbrella Academy Vol. 1-2

I am planning on looking for Doom Patrol Vol. 1 at a comic shop near my house this week. Has anyone read Doom Patrol; any thoughts?

Also, I would really appreciate some suggestions for comics I should check out. I asked for a couple for my birthday including V for Vendetta, Sandman, Hellboy, some Batman, and more League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Conventional Weapons 4!

"Kiss the Ring" and "Make Room!!!!" may have just become my new two favorite My Chem songs (at least two of the top 3!), and definitely my favorite of Conventional Weapons so far!


So I'm not really the type of person who normally posts about this type of thing, but I am really pissed off right now, and need some advice. This might be one of those sibling arguments about something stupid, but anyway, here it goes:

My brother likes to spend all of his money on different pop culture t-shirts, and I have no problem with that, but he likes to buy a lot from one website called Teefury. On Teefury they have a different t-shirt each day for $10, that is usually some reference to a movie/TV show.

Favorite Films 5 - The Phantom of the Opera, 1925

Later in the year of 1925 came yet another classic silent horror film – The Phantom of the Opera, based off of Gaston Leroux’s novel of the same name.The story of Phantom is a well known one today, there being many adaptations, most famously the hit musical. It is the story of a deformed man, the Phantom, who haunts the Paris Opera House, wishing for young singer Christine to become the main star. It is a story of music, murder, betrayal, horror, and love.
The 1925 version is one of the earliest film adaptations, and one of the most memorable.

Favorite Films 4 - The Gold Rush, 1925

1925 – the midst of the Roaring Twenties (note to self, have a Roaring Twenties New Year’s party come 2020). By this time, Charlie Chaplin was already one of, if not the biggest film actors in the world. 1925 saw the release of Chaplin’s The Gold Rush, the story of a lone prospector searching for gold in the freezing Yukon. Chaplin had already been in at least 70+ films previous to The Gold Rush, and by 1925 was not only acting in films, but composing scores, producing, writing, and directing them as well.
The Gold Rush is a hilarious and light-hearted film, and if you’ve never seen anything

Favorite Films 3 - Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, 1922

In 1922, two years after the release of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, came another memorable silent terror – Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, or Nosferatu: eine Symphonie des Grauens. A thrilling and chilling tale of Count Orlok the vampire, the film was an adaptation of the novel Dracula. The studio could not obtain the rights to the novel, however, and therefore changed the names of the characters in the film, and was later sued for copyright infringement by Bram Stoker’s estate.
The film itself, at least in my opinion, is still terrifying to this day.

Favorite Films 2 - The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, 1920

1920. A new decade. The Titanic has sunk, the Great War has been fought, and there is a new electric buzz in the air. By this time, feature-length silent films were already popular, and were beginning to be shown in grand movie palaces – theatres built specifically for motion pictures, clad in red velvet and art deco architecture. These movie palaces intended for the average citizen to feel like royalty while being transported to the magical land of cinema.
A film was released in 1920 titled The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, or Das Cabinet des Dr.

Favorite Films 1 - A Trip to the Moon, 1902

Let’s travel back to the year 1902; one hundred and ten years ago. Back before your grandparents were born, and maybe your great-grandparents were still young children. The 20th century was just beginning, and big things were changing in the world. With the turn of the century came many marvels and one of these was film.
In the year 1902, a man named George Méliès released a film called A Trip to the Moon, or Le Voyage dans la lune. At just under 15 minutes long, it depicted a group of astronomers that take a wondrous and fantastical adventure to the moon.

365 Favorite Films

Each day, beginning tomorrow, Jan 1, I will (attempt to) post a review, or write-up of my thoughts on one of my favorite films. These will be all kinds of films, and I will try to move chronologically through time beginning in silent films and moving toward the present. In no way will these be landmark films, nor will this be any sort of a history of film type-thing, but will only be my thoughts and opinions on my favorite movies. Please feel free to comment/message with thoughts of your own, as I would love to hear them :) Hope you enjoy!