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ThreeCheersForMyChem's blog

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Anyone fancy talking?

Hi Guys it'd be great to talk to some of you guys as you all seem cool here is my twitter @heatherbeharrel and facebook Heather Beharrell and my kik Is HeatherKateB if anyone wants too? :)

Glad to be back!

I'm glad this website is up and running again I missed it quite a bit

Happy MCR Day!

Happy MCR day! everyone even though there's no band there still important to me changed my life for the better really. The music will remain and the memory will carry on so I guess that's why I wanna celebrate to keep the memory alive :) Um does anyone else feel like that lol


Kerrang magazine were giving away stick on tattoos a couple of issues ago and this was one of them. Its pretty cool would make an awesome real tattoo! I'll be sad when it comes off!

Missing MCR :/

I still miss MCR so much it still hasn't really sunk in that they have split up yet I'm still hoping they'll get back together one day.


Wow Happy Ninth anniversary for Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge! My favourite album and the first album by MCR I had the album that made me love this band so much.