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so much spam!

Why is there so much spam on Zone 6 today???? IT FEELS LIKE SOMEBODY.... WANTS TO SELL ME SOMETHING!

What The Fuck Man

Okay, so the new jacket in the MCR store is reaaalyyy cool, BUT 70 bucks is waaaay to much money (at least to me) But it sucks that I cant buy it because its kinda in my schools colors so i could wear it to football games and stuff buutt nooooo its 70 bucks :( Oh well, im done ranting now :) So, hows life MCRmy?

wanna see this website during three cheers?

Just click on the link above, and click the enter flash site button and be amazed. It should work so yeah :D Its cool to me, because I didn't know about MCR at all during Three Cheers because I was four years old at the time.


does anyone else in the MCRmy play minecraft?

fanfics scare me

fanfics are really creepy so I'm just going to stop reading fanfics now O.O


When life gives you lemons, throw them back at life and say I DONT WANT THIS STUPID SHIT!

im an idiot XD

yep.i just slammed my hand against the corner of my kitchen counter. now theres a big scratch on top of my hand. it hurts.

friends fanfic

hey ppl, my friend Emma wrote a fanfic and i think u should check it out :)

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CLICK IT!

Faded Death,

sham wow

could someone please tell me what the fuck a sham wow is and why do housewives want it


my dad is playing his drums right now :) im the only one in my house who likes it, everyone else keeps complaining about how loud it is. i wish i could play like him though. i always ask him if he could start teaching me, but he always forgets. I guess its ok though, because i play snare drum in band at school. it's not the same though :(