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Well After All Will Lie Another Day

Hello, guys!

So Ramadhan is just around the corner and all Muslim will start fasting this Sunday.
For those who don't know what is Ramadhan, Ramadhan is a month in Islam that required all Muslim to fast from early sunrise until sunset; which means you can't eat or drink during that period. But not for the whole day(you'll probably died if do so), only from early sunrise until sunset.

Done with Ramadhan explaination, which I am really excited for it. But this year will be totally different for me. This Ramadhan without my mom will be so lonely.

Mirror mirror in the wall, who's the sleepiest among all?

"'Cause if you stay I would even wait all night
Or until my heart explodes.
How long?
Until we find our way in the dark and out of harm.
You can run away with me
You can write it on your arm
You can run away with me anytime you want"

It's 11:20pm and I'm so sleepy right now but I can't go to sleep because tons of homework need to be finished by tonight.*sigh*
Listening to Summertime and it's raining. What a feeling.
It seems like Gerard asking me to runaway with him.(lol, crazy me) Oh, how I wish.
Who want to take me, so that we can runaway together?
Or you can just write it on your arm~

Strawberry, Strawberry and Strawberry

Well, this is what I've done to end an awesome weekend. I went to ichigo-gari(in Japanese) or known as strawberry picking.
The best part was I can pick many strawberries as much as I want :) and did I tell you guys that I got an empty box just for strawberries??(as you can see in the picture)
But, the worse part is I don't know what do to with these strawberries. I do love strawberries but eating just like that won't be so much fun. I should probably make a dessert or even a cake.
If you guys have a box filled with strawberries, what will you do?
How's your weekend?

Tell me what's your favorite

I've made this list on my tumblr 3 months ago, about my favourite MCR song's lyrics that for me are absolutely crazy to think that those lyrics somehow connected with my feelings. I know you feel the same too. These are mine, so what's yours?

"You're the one that I need, I'm the one that you loathe"- The Sharpest Lives

"But this time I mean it, I'll let you know just how much you mean to me"- Demolition Lovers

"At the top of my lungs in my arms she dies"- The Ghost of You

"Did you get what you deserve? Is this what you always want me for?"- Cemetery Drive

"If you look in the mirror and don't

I'm out of my mind!

Being so helpless for this few days with sudden hectic storm dramas coming into my life, I've decided to put all the stress away by dying my hair from black to dark brown-orange color.

Well, it's not like a 360° change.. kind of highlight my hair with some other colors. What next color will it be? Pink?

So what do you guys do in your weekends?

Do you remember that day when we met?

"Do you remember that day when we met
you told me this gets harder, well it did"

Have you ever had that feeling for someone, when the whole world against you and him, but you never want to let him go just because you feel that he is your world?

I do have that feeling. He was the one for me. I always had that feeling from the first time I know him and until now. When others keep telling me that he wasn't a suitable guy for me, I ignore them. They don't know him well as I know him. They don't know how he treat me, they don't know the real him when he was with me.

It's Finally Here!!!!

Waiting excitedly for almost 2 months, finally May Death Never Stop You is here!!

I'm so excited until I realized my
I accidentally bought two same items.
For first, I'm quite surprise when I've got 2 boxes, so I thought probably one box contain the shirt and another box contain the CD.
Unfortunately, both contains the same item. *sigh*

What should I do?
Should I return it back to them?
Or should I sell it to anybody who interested on buying it?

Oh, bought items included:
1) May Death Never Stop You CD/DVD
2) Thank You For The Venom size XS

I'm scared

They said there is nothing that they can do anymore.

I bought a ticket flight to go back to my home country next week, but hearing that my mom condition getting worse, I want to go back ASAP.
I tried to negotiate with the airlines company saying that it was an emergency, but they asked me to give them a supporting document for their consideration.
I know it's related to the rules and regulations thing but WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET A SUPPORTING DOCUMENT?!
My mom is sick and I'm here keep counting every seconds wondering if she's okay or not and you fucking ask me for a supporting document.

I'm not okay

I'm totally broken inside now.

Just got news that my mom have been admitted at hospital.
4 years ago, she hit me with a news that she got breast cancer. Stage two.
It's hard to accept it, but she survived and she made it through hell.

And now, it is possible that the cancer might have come back.
Worst, I was not there with her. I was thousand miles away from her.
Facing my final exams and I feel shit.

'Cancer' by MCR keep playing in my head.
Last year, I've done a presentation about this song by saying it represents the cancer patient's feeling.
And as it keeps playing in my head, I felt like

Is it out yet?

It's already 21 January. When will the pre-order run in this website?