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Good evening

I don't remember the last time I was on here, couldn't have been too long ago O.o

Anyhow, I made this tonight cause I got a ton of new clay. Unfortunately I'm a bit...rusty? I dunno, but this is the only thing I could come up with haha, revenge Gerard! It's pretty shitty but I'm kinda happy with it ^_^

More nails :/

I did these a couple years ago actually, but I remembered I had a (super shitty) picture of them haha and wanted to share!

Nails ^_^

Just some MCR nails that I did tonight


Feelin like shit, what else is new?

I don't know, I just feel alone everywhere. Even on here.

Marlo <3

A pretty old picture of my girlfriend, but I think my favorite <3 her hair's all short-ish and green now.

We met two years ago on New Year's Eve at my friends party, and she was showing me all these My Chem videos that I'd never seen before. I was just fucking fascinated at this awesome hot red haired chick who was into really cool music and wanted to share it with me. From then I kept watching those few videos over and over on my own and the love for My Chemical Romance started way before the love for Marlo :') Buuut, this is about her for now.


Never expected this whole blogging thing to be really fun for me, but this site is full of cool people.

And have any of you ever watched any of Grav3yardgirl's videos on YouTube? She's one of the only youtubers I watch, and she's a beauty vlogger but also does other things. I found her by watching her older paranormal videos so that might be something interesting... She's kind of an inspiration for me, for being so unafraid to just be her weird self, y'know? I hope I come out of my shell a little on here, too. It's nice to be partially anonymous to all of you, though.

OKAY so the video I


Um, so you can add friends on here? It sounds pretty pathetic but uh, does anyone want to be friends..? :)

4 Days

Another 4 day weekend. Not really sure why I had Friday off but Monday is November 11, which is Remembrance Day. In the states its Veterans Day right? I'm not sure if you guys over there get an actual day off for it, and I don't even remember if all of Canada does, but in Newfoundland we do.

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone :')

Aw man

Well, it's November. Here comes the post Halloween depression.

Also I basically just made my face into a pumpkin for Halloween (I have orange hair as well) and my girlfriend was Edward Scissorhands :') don't have any pictures on my tablet of it yet ha :/


Yesterday I had an appointment with my therapist. The last time I was there was about three weeks ago, because she's had a lot of doctor's appointments and things like that, so I've had a lot of time to dwell on the things I wanted to talk about this time.

I'll explain a bit before I go on, actually- I've been feeling depressed since a little under a year ago. It began pretty much just after me and my girlfriend started going out. Lucky her, having to deal with a whiny little fuck like me.