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Yay! i bought the Danger Days Album + "Desert Spider" T-Shirt bundle!

I'm so happy today! I finally bought the Danger Days album together with the t-shirt bundle. I admit that I'm outdated but who gives a damn? Once a MCR fan, always a MCR fan! Now i'm part of the killjoy family! wooohooo.... I'm going to wear that Tshirt everyday! *jumping with joy*


When is Mikey Way going to have his own child?

Words can't describe how adorable and beautiful Gerard's baby girl, Bandit, is! I wonder when is Mikey going to have his own child.... Mikey would really be an awesome and fun dad!


When are you guys starting your world tour?

Hello My Chemical Romance! So when are you guys going to start your world tour again? I really want to see you guys live! i really want y'all to come and perform in my country again. Hmm... when are you realeasing your new album? I heard the album may be released later this year. Gosh, i cant wait to see how is the new album and songs gonna be like! And by the way, i'm from MALAYSIA! Hope to see you soon MCR! Love ya!