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Hello guys! Does anyone here has a Pottermore account? If you do, can you add me please? I'll send you a gift. My username is AurorWizard65. Or maybe you can give me your username and I'll add you. Thanks Potterheads! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan.

Conventional Weapons on iTunes

i just want to know why isn't there any 'pre-order Conventional Weapons' on iTunes? are they selling it on iTunes? if anyone knows, please notify me. Thanks!

Fifty Shades of Grey

Okay, I don't know about you guys but I'm really obsessed with the Fifty Shades novel. I can't stop myself from reading it every day, every minute. My A Level examination is around the corner and I think this is not the right time to read. I really cannot resist and I'm hooked onto the book. Shit! Why is this novel so addictive?! Can anyone here tell me how to stop my addiction? And by the way, any of you shares the same affection as me? Oh... my Fifty!

What a loving dad!

How I wish my dad would write a song for me! Gee is so sweet! I'm a little jealous of Bandit now -.-

Phew! What a relieve!

Well, everything is back to normal. I'm glad that my blogs are not deleted. Thanks for fixing this problem! I really want to see Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray post more of their blogs here though. Why did they stop posting? Hmm..... ok, adios!

What's going on here?

What the heck is going here? All my blogs are deleted and I can't seem to view the latest update from Zone 6! I can only see the old blogs from MCR. Does this problem occur to everyone or is this happening to me only? Fix this please!

8tracks, anyone?

Hello Killjoys! I just want to know if any of you have a 8tracks account? If you have one, please let me know your user name. My user name is MCRFreakz, Yea I know it's a very lame name...

8tracks anyone?

Hi peeps! Just want to know if any of you have a 8tracks account? If you do, tell me your user name. :)

MCR should open an apparel store.....

I think MCR or gerard should open an international apparel store. Its quite hard to buy clothes online especially when it comes to choosing the shirt's size. I really hate it when the size of my favourite shirt is either too big or too small for me. The next thing is, i have to pay extra for the sales tax as i'm an international customer. Also, i have to wait for months just for the shirt to arrive at my doorstep. I really think MCR should start doing business by opening the MCR store worldwide. It'll be easier for international customers like me to purchase their merchandise.

Gerard's new hair colour

I really like Gee's new hair colour even though he looked better with the red dye. I noticed that any hair colour matches Gee's looks. I really want to see Gee with a mohawk LOL. Hmm.... I tried looking up for frank's son photograph yesterday and all i could find was his twins photos. Alright, this is my fourth blog and I don't know how to end this blog...