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Gerard, you're black?

Either I'm about to sound sane, crazy, or way late in the news...
Did Gerard's hair go back to black?
This is a sadness...
He looks 'Geezy' either way, but that fire engine red was his Killjoy symbol! That would be like Spaceboy having the body of a human, or Seance wearing shoes!
Maybe the dye was bothering him, or maybe he was tired of people copycatting him with the red.
Whatever it is, I hope he'll resort back to it soon, or else I'm going to have to redraw the adorable red-headed chibi characters I've done in my spare time. ):
...That it all. Signing off. :D
Kat. <3

Tragic events and some hair dye. <3

So, this past saturday, two of my friends died in a car accident. Mykala and Kristin. The driver was 19 and unexperianced. The car flipped and hit a tree. The girl and her boyfriend survived, but Mykala and Kristin were killed on impact. The whole school is broken up over it, and I'm pretty stunned myself. It's a huge loss and tragedy for my town. R.I.P to two beautiful girls. <3
In other, less depressing news...
I got my hair done! :D
Yep, cut and highlighted. Now it's all short and stuff, and this sweet violet red. I LOVE it! I'll post pics this weekend.
I'm taking a break from


Okay, killjoys, here's the the one's who've seen the nanana music video: can ANYONE tell me the name of the mouse-looking character that gerard (party poison :) wears for a mask? It's been bugging me that i can't seem to get an answer P:
radio kadet :)