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Mousekat the cheerleader?

I really shouldn't fall asleep to Danger Days anymore...

Last night, I had this crazy dream, where I was at a small town high school basketball game, except there weren't any basketball players, but somehow there was a score? I was sitting on the side of the losing team, watching Gerard prance and dance around in a Mousekat costume cheering for the winning team, like he was supposed to. But we all know Gerard hates to do what he's supposed to.

So he looks over at the bleachers where the losing teams fans are sitting, and he makes all the cheerleaders for said winning team go over in front of

My LOTMS, lol.

I suddenly have the desire to make plushies of Gerard and Frank after seeing these photos...
But I think the chances of me capturing Gerard's expression on cloth is...impossible...

Ha, so anyways, my LOTMS.

But life. I think I'm turning into the 14 year old chick-version of Gerard, oddly. For the past two weeks (Christmas vacation) I've been hiding in my room, reading/writing/drawing comics, listening to music, and drinking way to much coffee. Now that I'm around people again, I'm really rather teed off. I never realized how ANNOYING teenagers can be...oh wait-

My best friend has this awkward

Preventing teen self-harm and suicide: All For Us.

As a lot of people know, teen self-harm and suicide rates are climbing rapidly this day and age. It's tragic, to lose a life that could've been saved, which is why All For Us is getting up to do something about it. Inspired by My Chemical Romance, All For Us is a self-harm and suicide prevention group hoping to save lives using our strongest weapon: Art. Since we've just formed in the past few days, we don't have many supporters or much art. So please, help our cause. (:

Our website is:

Our mobile website is:

Umbrella Academy art, arn't you proud, ma?


Lol, last night I was bored, so I dug out my old Umbrella Academy comics and decided to draw from them. :D

The first one in The White Violin from the first chapter in Dallas, then the second one is Vanya and Kraken from the third chapter in Apocolypse Suite. (:

I just though they were decent so I'd share. Uhh, thanks!



P.S That freaky looking shading around Vanya's face in the 2nd one is due to me carrying my sketchpad around all day, and I was too lazy to find my big eraser. P:

One more vampire obsession...

You promised you wouldn't let them hurt me, Charlie...

Lol, just finished watching Fright Night, the 1985 one because I have a strict rule about originals before re-makes. I think I'm officially in love with vampires, or the killing of them, whatever floats the wooden-stake-and-cross boat.

My favorite part was either when they killed Evil Ed, or whenever Amy was on the attack after Charlie. It may have been just another cheesy movie from the '80's, but it was awesome. Thanks for blogging about it, Gee. Next? Dawn of the Dead...

& tomorrow I'm making a trip to the comic shop, hoping to maybe

Absolutely, I'm a superhero.

I woke up this morning, and would you guess what came in the mail? Correct, my MCR jacket, the stars and stripes one with the spider on the back? YES. I get it and practically rape it open. It's a little big, but am I going to love it any less? NO. I put it on, and instantly I feel like a superhero.

So I run into my room, and spend twenty minutes looking for my lost combat boots. FINALLY I find them, along with my blank bandana.



It's been literally WEEKS since I've had a breakthrough in my comic, but finally, the clouds parted and the sun came out for just a brief, but enlightening moment. I don't have all the characters worked out yet, but I have the flat line it is, comment if you will so I know what to change... (:

It's 2034. The world has shifted from being the place we knew and tolerated to a place where bandits run the streets, criminal activity is at a century high, and UFO crashes are a regular thing. It's the perfect breeding ground for a group of super villains, known as the Renegade.

The magic Twinkie...?

Something pretty funny happened to me today, so I thought I'd share...

On the bus in the morning, I have to sit next to this girl, Marrissa. She's pretty quiet, so we usually keep to ourselves. But today, when I sat down in the seat next to her, I noticed that there was the Twinkie lying in the seat between us...

I asked her about it when I satdown, a bit confused. "Is that yours?"
She looks at it, puzzled. "No...Is it yours?"
I shake my head. She takes one last look at it, then goes back to texting, and I get out a book and start reading...

But I can' stop thinking about the Twinkie, and

Gerard hair tutorial dream ;3

Last night, I had a dream about Gerard. ;3

He was in the trailer he used on the tour following Revenge, but for some reason he had his red hair?
He had just showered, and was looking in the mirror, talking to me about hair straighteners.

Then, he whips one out of nowhere, and starts doing his hair, telling me how he does it along the way. When he finishes, it really does look like his hair in reality...

Awkward, I had always wondered how he got it to look like that...

Even though I don't think he's uses a straightener nowadays, lol. ;3

Ha, pointless blog, but nothing else has gone on,

Something to make you smile. ;3

Gerard at Birmingham in 2007, singing an ingenious song he made up. ;3

Thought I'd just give you something to smile about. <3


In case you were wondering, we won the fan battle. :D

That's all from this Killjoy.

XOXO, Kat <3