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Do it again this Spring? Probably.

I love changing my hair color.. and now, I find myself missing the pink-ish red I did. Everyone freaked out ( in a good way, mind you ) when I went outside with it, so I figure try it again? Or perhaps a blood red. Eh, we'll see. (:

And everything I had to know? I heard it on my Radio. <3

One day, radio waves will be obsolete by a new age of simple minded hysteria, confusion in the masses.. But I'll still find a way to have my Radio. This song says so much to me in little time. Ever since I can remember ( literally going back to 4 years old ) I'd listen to their music when I was younger going to work with my parents at 2am. I didn't mind even if I had school, I'd go without sleep just to get out of the house and see people. Everyone loved when I'd play air guitar almost matching the notes in the music. <3 I wish I could go back in time for that reason..

It was so much more

Songs you could listen to all night long..?

John Williams - Romance.

I'm so addicted to that tune and I couldn't really explain to anyone just Why;

Often times, I find myself wishing that I couldn't hear anything but Music. No noise, chaos, or confusion.. No pain, anguish, or betrayal. Just, this. <3

Call me an old-fashioned Hopeless Romantic, but it feels like a part of me and has for a long time now. o//o;

If you have a song that you could listen to all night long or without getting tired of it, let me know in the comments. (: I like finding new stuff to occupy my time with.

So Long && Good Night ~

- The Summertime Killjoy -

Preventing Multiple Posts.

I know, this is probably one of my most boring blogs ever, but I keep seeing members posts spamming due to connection slow-down. It happened to me on my old account, thus why I've made this one to start over fresh.

One tip I can give from my own personal experience? When saving and publishing a Blog, remember to be patient and do not press the Save button more than once. Uploading a Blog to the Community stream takes some time depending on your connection speed. I actually got a couple messages from users asking me why it happens, and it's a simple as that. Just pressing a button impatiently.

Charlie Chaplin. <3 *:

" You have to believe in yourself, that's the secret. Even when I was in the orphanage, when I was roaming the street trying to find enough to eat, even then I thought of myself as the greatest actor in the world. I had to feel the exuberance that comes from utter confidence in yourself. Without it, you go down to defeat.”

-Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977)

Is it strange that I absolutely adore that man, his talent, and that quote? No? Okay, good. <3 (:

The Future is Bulletproof. And, so am I.

So many things I'm suddenly looking forward to about this year.

First on my list, Responsible Legal Drinking!

Yes, I'll be 21 finally, which means going to my Mother's favourite bar. They play mostly Classic Rock, which is one of my all time favourite genres. (: I don't condone underage drinking, nor do I endorse it. I'm just saying I'm excited for my legal drunken karaoke & dancing sprees. :P I'm pretty good though ! So expect videos on that later this Spring.

I've decided upon my career choice for the time being; Professional Masseuse. :D

I'm super amazing at massages, it's just one of

o. o So this was my Horoscope for today.. Perhaps I'm onto something?

" You're feeling especially wise today and should be able to see solutions to several problems that have been bothering you or those close to you lately. Putting them into words may be tricky, though. "

Well, that just means one thing && one thing only.. I better get to using my noodle. :P Lmfao. Figured I'd share this because it's not just one day because of some " predicted " insight that we should be proactive about what needs to be done. This is what we're meant to do our entire lives. (: So get to being proactive, kiddies.

- The Summertime Killjoy -

Share it if you agree? //Fellowartists//

Honestly, I thought I was done for the night, but I had to log on real quick for this. (: heheh

Keep Dreaming Antidote Child;

So, I've seen a ton of blogs about Relationship problems, just typical stuff that all people go through at some point; In some way. So, just a small hint for everyone out there.

I've been around just long enough surrounded by the right people to know this.

Love is Real. It comes in different forms. It doesn't Judge you. It doesn't Use you. It doesn't Hurt you. It will never Break you. And, it has ALWAYS adored you.

There is no excuse, in my deepest, personal opinion, that in a true relationship, you should be giving up everything for somebody, or changing for them.

New account. But the Sun is shining today. <3

" The Only Hope for Me is You " is currently playing on my iTunes. The Sun is shining brightly, and we've been without that motivation here in Central New York for a while now. Just the other night for at least 5 miles encircling my neighborhood, all power went out, periodically short circuiting the street lamps outside. Then everything went pitch black. Silence seemed to take over, and even the elderly couple's back-up generator wasn't working, although you could hear it running faintly through the air.