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theonewiththeredhair's blog

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okay so me and my friend are gonna dress like the doods from Clockwork Orange<3 hah(: What are yall gonna be?:p

volunteers anyonee?

I want a new online friend<3 We can tell each other all about each other and we can talk about bands and just. everything. so. yeah. anyone?c:

I cant tell if im nervous or not bruhs.

so. im going to be a freshman this year, yippee. jeez i feel older than i am lol. but anyways.

im kind of nervous. so far i only have three classes with one of my friends. and none with the other. and. its kind of scary, yknow. going into a new school, with newish people and a totally different surrounding, so many more labels, so many more people, so many more rules. i just. i dunno.

lolololol guise.

my parents made me wash my hair. my dad went to pat me on the head and when he did he was like. I don't even know how to put it, lol. time to start counting the days til I have to was it again though. lol.

this time i went... 16 days? man that makes me sound nasty.

I've figured it out.

How to make your hair look amazing and schtuff. All you do is NOT WASH IT;D

So. how often do you Killjoys wash your hair? I personally don't remember the last time I washed mine. I think it was the 15.. I dunno.

Okay guise.

I feel like I should do something productive today. But maybe not. Its up to you guys.

Should I draw some peectures, possibly paint? If so, of what?(;

Should I continue listening to this Queen record? &Just lay here?

Should I play my bass? If I do that I have to turn off the music. Or I could. I don't even know. What should I do guise?D:

lksnc lsdnv pwsnvp lasnkl;v. naesjiv

how the FUCK do you slide from one fret to another on a bass without making it sound like pure shit. Im so pissed off right now. Im trying to learn I Miss You and it's just solkbjdv niajsnobuvbalsivn so. Cha.


Hai guise. So like. Any good songs I should learn on bass? I can't really think of any -_____- So cha.


School starts in like. 20 days.and I'm so not ready for that shit. I have Honors English, which I don;t understand how at all. Then, at my highschool, all we do in gym is run. I hate running. I hope I break my leg or something. Shit guys. Shit fuckity doo.

Anyways though. Someone message me. We can tell each other all about ourselves. I want another online friendc:


I'm just in one of those moods where I hate everything.
I hate how I'm fat.
I hate how I've yet to have a boyfriend.
I hate how I feel hideous because previous.
I hate how I can't play bass good.
I hate how my dad is when he drinks.
I hate how my parents drink every night.
I hate how I want a drink.
I hate how I can't sing.
I hate how my best friend is in Florida.
I hate how school starts in 20 days.
I hate how I never get to go shopping.
I hate how I never get to leave the house.
I hate how impossible my bucket list is.
I hate the word crusty.
I hate how I probably will never meet Gerard.