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Hello Fellow Fivers.

See what I did there? Yall arent Killjoys anymore(;

Well, in a way we all still are Killjoys but whatever.

Im just really hella bored right now. Someone message me and we can chill out and talk music and whatever else(:

but cha.


Its been like a month guise.

Doods what happened. Timejust like flew by. Its been forever since Ive posted anything.

Well. High school is amazing. Well. Better than middle school at least. Its still school. The only thing I lok forward to nowadays is watching Supernatural when I get home xD

I hate when people talk about Homecoming. Its just a reminder Im alone and will spend that night watching Sam and Dean fight demons or something. Jeez guys Im such a loser.

I WANNA GET A UKULELE GUISE. The thing just makes me sohappy I can't even explain.

Oh Ive been drawing alot more too.


Do you guys consider it gross to not wash your hair? lolol

Happy Tuesday.

Boopboopboop. I don't really have much to say. This is Gonna Hurt Came in the Mail today. lol. Message me guise xD we can talk about music and suggest bands to each other and itll be great:3

Thinking about high school is nerve-racking.

So guys. Im gonna be a freshman this year. And. I was real excited about it before. But. I think I've begun thinking way too much about it, and. Im really nervous. Im legit scared to go back to school.


GUISE. Im getting so into screamo metal. Its scaring me. I never used to like this stuff so much. AND IM GETTING INTO SOME COUNTRYISH STUFF.


Im only attractive looking when I edit the pictures ;c

Last night I went and saw We Came as Romans and Attack Attack on the Scream It tour and holy shit guise. I think that's the best show I've ever been to.

So after watching WCAR from a distance me and my friend went to buy some merch and when we came back there was like. No one by the stage. So, we go stand in the middle. We were kinda nervous cos we always try avoiding 'the pit'.

I can't believe how long we went without finally being a part of the moshing. It's so fun guys. I can't even explain. If any of you have neve been in a mosh pit. Go. Right now. It's so fun.

I jumped so much, got

So guise.

Can I tell people I know how to play bass even though Im not.. extraordinary at it. Or should I just be like 'I dont know how to play anything.' like. legit guys. I dunno how to answer 'Do you play anything?' xD

Well, hello^.^

Im just gonna tell yall about myself. cos im bored lol.

School starts August 15. In a way Im glad, I really need to get my grammar up to where it used to be, I find myself talking ridiculously like saying 'drived' and forgetting a bunch of words and shit. But in another way, all ive done this summer is go online, listen to music, and sleep. There isn't enough coffee in the world to wake me up enough to get up at 6.

I was downstairs earlier and I looked up at the ceiling and BAM. 3 spiders. I counted all the ones I could find down there, just in the kitchen and living room.