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I made a thing???

I drew Alan from Of Mice & Men and like opinions please and thanks<3

I made a thing???

I drew Alan from Of Mice & Men and like opinions please and thanks<3

I haven't been on here since October damn.

Basically all that has happened is my life has gone downhill woo. I've gotten into so many shows and so many bands and help but like who digs tele. Like Especially British shows. Cos lets be friends. Oh and the pics are just me being ugly me but lets be friends anyway. By the way, I like your shoelaces.

I feel an obsession coming on.

I saw Like a Storm last nigth & they were so silly& nice & adorable& so good and I just cant. I love them all so much. Like. My feels guys. I cant. Anyways though, my picture with Chris. Oh gosh, Chris. He hugged me so tight and in the picture he was like holding me so close and he put his chin on my head and I just died. BUT I WAS BLINKING GODAMMIT. & I got to hug all of them:3 and When I hugged Kent I had to go like super tip toe lol they were so tall but shit guys Im def seeing them again.
Theyre so good, if you like good music, check them out.
Oh & yall should message me so we can chat it


Im not that fat&ugly right? :c

Hey guise long time no talk :p

Its been like how long? Well probably not that long but still. Who wants to talk tho?! Im all up for a fun conversation. :D


I got to stay homefrom school today because some kid threatened to shoot up the school & my mama was worried. AWWWHHYEAH. Anyways tho. Homecoming is on Friday & I don't have anyone to go with. Not that that suprised me or anything it just kinda hurt. But anyways. Thats me. Without straight hair. .____.

Hey guys.

Someone should message me and we can nerd off about movies and tv shows and music & all that fun stuff. I saw Of Mice & Men on Thursday guise and I'm so fucking sore. Ohmygod.


I dunno if Im just being stupid or what but the other day in art class we did this thing where my teacher went to each table and chose the best drawing, like, shading and whatever from each and like. She came to my table and me and my friend showed her our drawings and she was like "Well. I don't really like yours -to me- but I think yours is great! -to my friend-" & idk. It kind of felt like someone stabbed me in the heart cos my friends amazing at music and I thought art was my thing but i dunno guise. I feel really lame. & like.

Would You Guys Even Care

if I posted some of my drawings or whatever on here? Like. Would you give me feedback?