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MCR Break Up - I'm Not Okay (I Promise) :*(

I just wanted to express my feelings about My Chemical Romance break up.
I am totally heart broken over it. MCR changed my life. They were the first band that made me feel like they understood the frustrating, yet beautiful nature of this earth.
All of their songs spoke to me...
The first video I had ever heard from them was Helena and it was love at first note.
I will always love and miss them. That's why I made this video expressing my feelings, because my words typed on a screen cannot.
Music and rock will never be the same :(
MCRmy forever...

Love: Tabatha

I Didn't Win But here is my Killjoy Costume

Killjoy Name: Deadpan

Why should I favor the living, when the living never favored me.
As I look at all the faces staring up at me.
Eyes blank from my freshly committed atrocities.
For once every person in the room is finally acknowledging me.
Oh I’m a star now.
All it took was a few souls and some kerosene.
Down to hell with you.
It’s all right because your safe and sound.
Tightly bound
Yes I know my soul is going down town.
But you made me this way and it’s ok.
Because I get my revenge everyday.
Scratch the match on my boot,
And watch the fire play.