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Okay Guys,

So today for volleyball I accidentally wore the wrong shirt. I wore the one the varsity is wearing and I can feel the hate coming from some of the varsity players. :-/ I have yet another game today. I also have two tests today that I will continue tomorrow and one of the tests is in the class I'm failing. Jeez. But other than that I am having a good day today and I hope you all are too!!!! :)))

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Mayday Parade

I fucking love Mayday Parade.

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Oh God

Hey guys. I have a volleyball game today. Wish me luck. The team is not in our conference but we will play them for the sake of playing. They are very good :-/

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Im failing a class and getting a C in another and its only a matter of time before my mom checks my grades and yells at me and we are going to get in an argument and hElp

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Hey guys

Volleyball practice was really rough today guys. I swear that my teammates hate me...

Drill team was hard too. We were practicing for our next series of performances. I have to catch up on three routines.. :'(

I also have to work on memorizing lines for the musical, we are doing "Oklahoma" this year and I got cast as "Gertie Cummings" which although is the part I wanted, has lines I must memorize...

Oh, I have a shit-ton of homework due tomorrow, I should go do that now. See ya.

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