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Venom )':

Guuuuuyssss i sooo wanna die right nowww ): one of my dogs just died.. and i cant stop crying (of course) i loved her so much many of you may think "Meh, she was just a dog" but nooo she wasnt, she was part of my family and i cant even express how sad i am, i cant, nothing can make me feel better, my chest and my throat hurt so bad right now because of all the crying.. i cant believe this, i got home and i saw poison (venoms brother) in a corner like.. not moving and i was like " Baby whats wrong?" (poison&venom they were always together..) and my brother goes like "mariana... venom, shes

Im at school.. and im bored.. and yesterday was amazing(:

Ok, so i know this is not relevant, but.. meh.. im bored anyways, i'll tell you (: yesterday i was with a friend of mine, she came over cuz i was having a bad time .__. thats not the point, the thing is that omg I've never laughed SO HARD in my lifeeeee (: lol i was SO hyper, like.. for real omg it was by far the best day everrrr xD so, advice: if you EVER have a problem, talk to a friend, they WILL make you feel better, and well, if you dont feel like talking to them, you know you have me(: i cant assure you i'll cheer you up, but as always i'll try my best :D
love you guys ^^

isnt this a little dangerous?

dont get me wrong, im very glad he's dead.. but.. whats up with the revenge? i dont think its gonna stay like this...): im worried..

Nooo D: This cant be happening!

i have SCHOOL tomorrow D: someone save me!!

It seems like i wont be sleeping today ):

so.. its 3:37am and i still cant sleep...wanna know why? cuz i watched the movie "requiem for a dream" i know, im pathetic, but i mean it, after seeing it i cant sleep, i tried.. and i had a horrible horrible nightmare. and i was told not to watch the movie if i thought it was too much for me (for im a sensible person) but, seems like im stupid enough, i mean the movie is good, its just too much for me, and i was crying so hard!

Baby clothes MCR online store

lol guys go check out the online store xD look at the baby clothes hahaha theyre so cute :3

OMG system of a down!

ok, so a few years ago i LOOVED system of a down, but somehow, i forgot about them, today i was checking my CDs and i see i still have the System of a Down ones and im like :D! hahaha theyre incredible(: i missed them :'D

ö! i had a crash ._.

:o! so, i was with my bestfriend and her mom in a car, i was chatting with someone, so i didn't really see what happened, but, i'll tell you anyway lol, so i was with my eyes on the phone, and all of a sudden my head hits the front seat and im like WHAT THE HELL?! and i try to clear my mind and see whats happening but i cant cuz i was literally flying!

yesterday was the worst day ever...

i went to my bestfriends birthdayt party (which sucked i didnt know anybody there) and i had a fight with a really important person.. yesterday i was so worried (because of the fight) i literally couldnt sleep, and today i HAVE to go to a hotel with some friends.. gosh.. -.-' i hate everything right now..

April 27.. bestfriends birthday (:

Guys! my best girlfriend is about to turn 16.. and i dont know what to give her :o!! i need some ideas! can anyone give me one? what would you do? i dont wanna give her something stupid like every birthday, for shes turning 16 ö! it has to be special! :D