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Just a question(:

how many of you like/love Black Veil Brides? i adore them :)

hmm.. :/

todays not a good day... is it? no... no its not

Hamsterrrr :3!!

I bought a hamster & its sooooo pretty. Its a she, but her name is Frankie. Why? Because i said so ;) anyways...shes so small and she likes it when i hold her :D our first hour together she was very scared, but not anymore(: and we've only been together for a day! I wanna take pictures but i cant find the usb cable): ohh and my parents still dont know haha i dont know if ill tell them, they probably wont even notice. & btw, its 2am and i cant sleep :)

todays my birthday & im doing NOTHING

im so pathetic and a friend talked to me and she was like "...are you really online on your birthday..?" and i was like.. damn this is sad lol

Im real

[In my room alone I cry
with a razor in my hand
sheets are all covered in blood
while I wait for him to come back home
people call me names for cutting my skin through
but.. dont they too?
Dont they keep everything inside?
Dont they cry on their own all night?
Aren't they scared of silence too?
Aren't they running from the truth?
Hiding their pain with a mask..
Doing favors like if it was a task..
you are a hypocrite
thats what you are
I may cut myself
but at least im alive.]
so i had to do a "poem" on literature class and thats what i came up with.. any suggestions?

I hate being sick! (who doesnt, right?)

But im Way too sick right now): i cant even sleep): i woke up at 5 everything hurts so much -.-' .. What a waste of weekend!! Grrr i wish sickness wouldnt exist! Everything would be easier! Anyway, hope youre having a better time:) have a lovely day killjoys! (:


im at school, im bored... Pablo --a friend of mine-- is beside me, playig video games ._. we are soo cool ;) anyway, just came by to say hi for i havent blog in a "long" time.. oh btw, may 18 concert was amazing! i met incredible killjoys(: and everything was totally worth it ^^ love you all killjoys! :D

Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on... no? you dont like it? aww ok):

Nah, jk i dont like that song(: So... im bored .__. and today im going to Orlando(: for the may 18 concert, its gonna be awesome ^^ I wont be here for like a week or so :s not that anyone cares lol but i'll miss you all! :D im going with my family and with my best friend, so that'll be fun(: anyway.. im gonna go pack my things now, i gotta be at the airport in 2 hours and i like literally have NOTHING ready.. Hope you have an amazing week killjoys! Love you all


dont you totally hate guys? -.-' Theyre SO confusing! (i mean, not every guy.. but, you know what i mean)

My mother..

I dont get to see my parents pretty often.