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That awkward moment when...

You keep hurting the people you love because youre stupid and selfish. *sigh* i hate myself sometimes...


D: i dont know how to use it! guys.. can you help me? xD lol yes, im pathetic i know!

A little girl asked me if i was a princess :3

So, this happened like 4 or 5 days ago. But i wanna tell you xD I was at the mall with my sister and brother. Just walking, drinking coffee. And out of nowhere comes this little girl. And shes right in front of me, staring. So im like... 'hello honey :)' and she smiles and asks 'are you a princess?' and ahhh! I melted lol it was so so so amazingly cute! So i lean down and say 'yes honey, im a princess ^^' and she smiles super bright again and asks 'wheres your prince?' and im like 'he is in our disney castle:)' she gasps like :o!

IIImm baaacck ;)

Im back from 'camping' :D it was so freaking awesome! At first i didnt wanna go cuz i was like... 'Eww dirt :( ' BUT i forgot this is my family we're talking about. So OF COURSE my parents would never sleep on the floor or something like that.

Camping :o

i gotta go camping for the weekend with my family :O! at 4:00pm & we'll stay there TILL MONDAY! noooooo D:! okok, i should be happy but i really really dont wanna go... i dont even talk to my family.. just to my sister :D yay shes going too, so well that makes it a little better i guess. and im not used to being with my parents so.. its gonna be kinda awkward e_e but oh well...ill try to.. have fun? lol wish me luck killjoys!

Anyyyywaaayyyyyyy :D im super super super happy becaaaause i love my boyfriend so much :3 he is the bestest guy evers and he makes me so so so so happy♥ :3 I feel like i can be myself around him and he wont judge me. He is purfect :3 & right now, im just ♫nanana♫ you know, singing and being happy and stuff and my dogs are all over my bed so im on the floor :o and im laughing xD i dont know why! its just.. tonight is super random! & im talking to my hamster :D & im playing with my cat and im pissing off my sister AT THE SAME TIME ^^ so so much fun i need to calm downnnn, but i dont want to.

Stolen :D

[] have more than 4 piercings
[x]I take showers in the morning
[] I love bubble baths
[x] Like omfg
[x] I have never watched “American Idol"
[x] school sucks
[] I have a website other than a tumblr
[] I’ve seen an episode of “The O.C.”
[x] Family Guy is awesome
[] WTF is Family Guy
[x] I love rock music
[x] I hate country music
[] I live in Florida
[] I have more guy friends than girl friends (real friends yeah)
[] I like to draw
[] PDA disgusts me (what??)
[x] I don’t really care if any couples are showing PDA
[x] I live in the past way too much
[] I’m currently sad
[x] Winter is my favorite

This is the best day ever :3

Im so happy so happy so happy. Its been a long time since ive smiled this much <3

I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you (':

I just wanted to thank you all, the mcrmy for being always here for me and helping me through everything, you guys are the ones that help me stand up whenever i fall and i want you to know ill ALWAYS be here for you too. No matter what, im here to listen and ill always do my best to make you feel better. Youre all so amazing and perfect! please dont ever let anyone bring you down and if they do.. you have me to cheer you up and to show you how beautiful you are. I love everyone here SO much. Special thanks to my dear friends:
Benjamin&Veronica: guys i love you so damn much.


[Theres a corpse walking through the streets
Empty on the inside, where my soul used to be
It doesnt feel a thing
It doesnt hurt, it doesnt heal
its just a mannequin
a sick joke you may think
it wont answer when you call my name
it wont listen when you beg for it to stay
its lifeless, its dead
its just the body that remains
no smiling, no screaming.
not a single sign
no laughter no singing
not anything i once was
dont offer a helping hand
for she wont shake it
dont help her stand up if she falls
she wont take it
its over.
im dead already
theres nothing you can do
its done
im gone
Youre left