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Never really thought about it.

have you ever thought about your own life?
like, what are you doing with it.. or why are you wasting it that way?
i was thinking about it, and gosh, there's a lot i have done. but there's nothing i regret. not yet

Secondhand serenade??

Hey, Anyone Knows Secondhand Serenade? i love them. i know it has nothing to do with my chemical romance, and that MCR is WAY better, but i still like secondhand serenade, and if you like slow music, you should really try them.(:
All their songs talk about, loove heartbreaks and all that stuff, when you are depressed, it actually really helps ;D

6 Months...

My bestfriend died 6 months ago, and today was his birthday.. ain't that a shit? why do our loved ones have to die? i mean... he was only 14 years old.. he wasnt a bad guy, wasnt into drugs loved school and had a lot of friends.. i mean, why? why he had to die? if there's a real god somewhere.. Why?! why this kind of things happen to good people and bad people live a ver long life wit a lot of stolen money? whe if we try so hard to keep being good people, we still suffer as the bad ones? it has no sence.. wtf with Karma? you belive in Karma?

Hate Essays

My teacher asked me to do a Reading Writing Workshop, about why do I love my best friend.
Ok, I finished it and gave it to her, gosh it was horrible
She read it and started crying in front of the whole class I went like WTF
"This is so inspiring!" then turned around to the class and told them "you must read this essay! It’s tear-full! The best essay I've seen as a teacher" and I mean, it wasn’t that good... it was actually very lame, she must be a very new teacher or something, anyways, she read it out loud in front of the class and it was SO Freaking embarrassing! But it was still fun(:

I'm Happy(:

Yay(: Im Happy Because I've Just Joined(: its 01:54am and I Cant sleep because my mother gave me sugar.. and i cant eat sugar... because, then i cant sleep, anyway, i was reading blogs and i saw many people are sad D: and, hey, Ive had a bad day too. and ive lost a friend, even a cat..and all those things but hey, just look on the bright side, if you just keep thinking sad things you are just getting in a big big trouble and then you cant skape from it ): being happy is a life style :D (: i LOVE my chemical romance(: Bye ;D Have a nice day