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Good Music?

So lately, i haven't been able to check new music, and i want my ipod to have variety... does anyone know good music? can you tell me some?

Dont you hate it when..?

Like, when you are new at school and you get friends and all that, and then one day, everyone starts talking about last year and that they miss it and lalala! and you are like.. "ok, this is horrible because i cant share memories with them..." D: really really hate when that happens i feel SOOO bad!!


hate that kinda guys that in school dont even talk to you, and in MSN they just talk about sex and all that stuff and you go like "i dont wanna see you naked, thankyou" and they say "ohh, you are SO mean" like, why? im mean just because i dont wanna see an ugly guy that i dont know naked? Yeah, that makes me a bitch! Well, and there are other guys that in school they are worst than a bitch and in MSN they are the SWEETEST guys ever!! i hate them too because, they just want to have a "personality" in school so they dont talk to normal people, just VERY popular ones. makes me sick!!

Spanish Homework!

NOO!! i have to do a spanish homework!! i have to do a story and act it later. i like to write stories, but we are in teams. and i dont know if they'll like my stories. im afraid. and nervous because i DONT like acting. at least not in front of my school. gosh this is horrible. someone has an idea of what i can write about?

He replaced me!!

MY BFF REPLACED ME FOR A GEEK GIRL!! a grosse stupid horrible geek girl! just because she plays the guitar ok? well, im pissed off but if he replaces me for her, means that he's just as stupid ¬¬ Well, of course i get mad.. but i'll get over it..

Living forever?

In my literature class we're reading a book named "tuck everlasting" so, the teacher made us do an essay of "living forever" i found it quite interesting. i chosed NOT to live forever, because, i dunno it would be weird. we should only have one life... they both have good and bad things. so... if you could live forever, you would? and why...


I've been going to the psychologist like for 2 years now. and that makes me sick. why should i go with a woman i dont know to talk about my personal life? that's why i have my friends. and she's telling me all the time im depressed IM NOT! i know how i feel i dont need nobody to tell me. Grrr!! Im the only one here that has a psychologist?

Favourite Son¬¬

So, yeah. my mom LOVES my brother. and it's frustrating because he always gets the things he wants and i get what? nothing. like, why does my mom needs to have a favourite kid? can't we all be the same?
I Have 4 brothers. and my mom loves the older one because he gets bullied at school so that makes him "special" ¬¬ you have the same trouble? what can i do.

False Friends,,

You know what?
I hate those friends that say they will stand up with you forever yadah yadah yadah and they just want you to make them laugh and they are bothering all day with "HEY MAKE ME LAUGH" i always go like "DUDE IM NOT YOUR FUCKING CLOWN! GO MAKE SOME FRIENDS!!" i know its natural, people always want to be happy, but i dont like people using me just because my personality is like that ¬¬ really pisses me off. what do you think??

Doing a Book?

Ok, this is what's happening, i love writing, and last year I've been writing a book. now the book is ready, but im afraid it will be a complete failure or something and that people will see me as "the girl who couldnt make it" :l my friends are telling me i should publish it. they tell me its very good, but, they are my friends, i dont know if they say it just to make me feel good. anyways... i dont think ill be brave enough to pubish it... fuck it.