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OMG! happy birthday to mikey :D Aww ^^ This is the Best Day of the Year(:
(And yes, i took mikey's photo from a girl yesterday xD)
Oh, and i also want your opinion about my photo.. Help?(:
Thanks, I Love You(:

Favourite MCR Photo

what's ur favourite photo?


i love it, it looks so cool! :D Aw i missed you guys(: i swear i was like, totally dying!

:l Not fun anymore

I aint having fun anymore.. I mean, when did life became so boring?

Fav. MCR album?

My favourite is 3 cheers!! ;D & yours?


OMG! i cant wait anymore for the new album!!! I swear i could cry right now! D:

OMG! D: Why good people get hurt?

OMFG!! My teacher's dead.. :s
Horrible... i liked him very much... someone killed him..
but that isnt the worst... HE HAD A 5 YEAR OLD KID!! D:
this fucking world is totally upsidedown! I mean... Why do good people get hurt?

Vegetarians & Vegans! DIFFERENT!

I freaking hate when People call me Vegetarian, Because im NOT a vegetarian, im a vegan, and it's frustrating xD
It's not that i dont like Vegetarians, it's just that Im not one.
and it also pisses me off, when my friends say they're "Vegans"
and they eat cookies and things that have milk or eggs D:
Like, they re not Vegans then... -.-'
But, whatever xD I just needed to blog about this..

Lol this video is SO stupid and.. I LOVE IT :D
Lyrics :D

What's your favourite lyrics of a MCR song?