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My dog is finally better

i was freaking out and i didnt sleep yesterday cuz my dog had a surgery and when i brought her home she looked terrible, like if someone had beaten her up i was so worried and crying and eeeep. i couldnt even sleep i spent the night meditating beside her sending her merits so she would heal and be okay, and today when i came back from school she was moving again, and right now she ate and drank for the first time and im so excited and happy i wanna cry, i was so worried about my dog but i think shes gonna be okay now :) how are you killjoys?


i cant stop laughing! my poor dog! lol

i need this shirt!

i think its awesome! i would buy it but i dont shop online :l

i wont blog about IMCRD!

nah, i lied. i will.
HAPPY IMCRD KILLJOYS! this day is what reminds me that im not alone, that theres people like me, that we can change the world, little by little. today theres no problems or worries, today is just about loving life. about breaking the awkward silence and remembering all those times killjoys were there for me, for us. when we needed someone the most. so happy International My Chemical Romance Day killjoys! remember to always, ALWAYS keep running
Gasoline Diamon, off. ;)

I cant even get up

so, today in Taekwondo, my kyosa (taekwondo teacher) said i should fight this new girl, she was like "i dont think shes that good" and i was like oh okay, whats her belt? and she said "Black belt 3rd degree" and i was like " FUCK :)" to make the story short.. SHE KILLED ME. See im a good fighter, really. but omg, i couldnt even kick her ONCE. .NOT.ONCE. i cant move, i had 2 other fights after that, i won them but now that i have no adrenaline, i cant move.

Nothing like...

singing (screaming) at the top of your lungs with your best friend. just wanted to say that
have a lovely night killjoys!

What the hell happened???

eeepp D: my blogs are gone, well, not only mine. :c is this getting fixed or its gonna stay like that from now on?

Watch this

it makes me laugh so hard :3 lol


i have a new dog! her name is Bruja, which translates to Witch. Yes, i named my dog Witch :) I always have my dogs in pairs though so i think im gonna get a male thats just like her and i'll call him Wizard. anyway, my dogs at home are golden retrievers, and bruja is a belgian malinois, so theyre like super different and Bruja has all this energy that makes my other dogs mad lol. its so funny because now, my other dogs are mad at me and they dont come when i call them, they just have to get used to Bruja. anyway, the golden retriever in the picture is Luna and the other is Bruja.
I just

its my birthday today

and its been more than awful :) thanks to the ones that remembered it, have a great day killjoys