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im in sports class... random comment time ...and can i ask you a favor??

Hey if you ordered california2019 can youb send me a message when you recieve it?? I wanna know if nmiine iwill be late or something:l
My writting sucks right now because im in my cellphone
Oh and one more thing, yestrrday i didnt know how to use twitter and now im obsessed yay(:
I miss bob bryar!! I thibk thats all i have to say right now

Christofer Drew! :D

I dont know in which side are you (Christofer Drew or Stephen Jerzak), but i sure love how Christofer Protects his little sister!! its so sweet! I Think I love it because, well christofer is the kind of Peace&Love guy, and Its very surprising to see him like, Mad. And you can tell he is very jealous with his sister...Cute ^ ^!/christoferdrew

Nothing to do.

What is your name? Stranger -Secondhand Serenade.
How is your life going? Its not over - Secondhand Serenade.
What is your nickname? Surfer Babe - Mcfly
What is your theme song? Its my Life - Bon Jovi
What is your best friend's theme song? God Must Hate Me - Simple Plan
How is your life going to turn out? I'll Be Ok - Mcfly
Will you get married? Tomorrow - Avril Lavigne
Will you have kids? Maybe - The Perfect Measure
What will your job be? The Kill -30 Seconds To Mars
will you finish school? So Sorry, Its Over -Blink 182
Who is your best friend? Penny - Stan Getz
Who is or will be your

I Dont Know How to Use Twitter...

Thats About It...

I Dont Know How to Use Twitter...

Thats about it...

My Best Friend :s

I'm Not having fun with My BFF anymore, She changed a lot... Shes like a Bitch Now, and..i dont like people who are that way. Now i cant stand her too much, and i dont know i just feel like we shouldn't be friends anymore... But we've been friends for so long! Im a Mess
Can Someone Help?



Happy Ieroween :D

Happy Ieroween Everyone!! I hope you're having fun, i just had a party.. wasnt very nice but... Yeah bye (: Have a nice day


Whats your costume? :D