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U like Eminem? Favourite Song?

Ok, i love eminem and i think my 2 favourite songs are 3am and Toy Soldiers
Tell me yours :D

Boredom... what u do when ur bored

Im so fucking bored :s when im bored i always go to sleep... so i think im gonna do that...
Tell me what you do when you're bored! :D

Thank you all so much.

Yesterday, when my grandma died, i posted a blog here, and i want to thank you for supporting me through this! i mean it, it must sound stupid but knowing you were there for me made me that much stronger, so MCRmy, thank you for always being there for me, and for **holding my hand** in such a hard time, today we'll bury her, but now, even though im sad, i feel stronger and i feel like im not alone, THANK YOU

My Grandma just died

she died like 4 hours ago, and i cant believe it. i wanted to make a blog about how good she was but, im way to sad to do it, so, im just letting you know because you guys are like my family, i really love you all so much.


lets plan ideas, or a protest, or at least let frankie know we are signing petitons and doing everything we can! that he's not alone!! IF THEY TRY TO PUT FRANKIE IN JAIL THEY'LL HAVE TO PUT ALL THE MCRmy WITH HIM! AND I CAN FUCKING ASSURE THAT
Lets do something else!!


yay i just got my stuff to start a prostest against Mcdonalds KFC and animal testing, ive been with PETA for like 4 years now, but now that im older, its WAY more serious! And its my firt protest! :D Im so excited!!

What The....? Watch this, i dont know this song :s

what the hell??

do you like glee?

My bro likes glee and hes watching the DVD so i wanna know how many of you like glee and why?? in my personal opinion i cant find it interesting, but i dont even know what is it about, maybe you can change my mind? anyway, if you like glee leave a comment(:

My CD is not here yet :s

I ordered California 2019 Boxset, and i got an e-mail (long time ago) Ray guns arent ready blablabla, BUT MY CD IS NOT HERE YET :d its been like 2 weeks now and I dont have it.... Thank god they gave us a link to free download, but i still want to have that CD in my hands,

Someone here HASNT RECIEVED the california 2019 Boxset

?? Please, if you havent comment ): Because i Havent and i dont know whats happening