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Happy Birthday Dear Bob :D

Aww, dont you miss him? ): Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB :D

I wish you a merry chistmas!!

I mean it, i hope from the bottom of my heart that you have a merry chistmas and that u get any presents you want! (:

What are you getting for Christmas?

Im getting a new cellphone balck boots and a wig that looks like G's hair, Oh and my bandana(: Yay and you??

When did you first discover MCR?

When did you start to like MCR?
The fist moment i listen to a song, i knew i would love them forever ;D

Which was your first song?
Our lady of sorrows

Which was your first album?
I brought you my bullets you brought me your lov

What was your first music video?
honey this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us

Which band members name did you learn first?
Matt Pelissier
Favourite song?
I never told you what i do for a living, you know what they do to guys like us in prision and its not a fashion statement its a fucking deathwish

Favourite album?

Can you believe ...?

MY MOMS STILL A BITCH! Ahhhhhhhh!! fuck i had to give my teacher today my spanish notebook and she told me "we're going to ur school at 10" and i was like Ok... and then, she left and the notebook wasnt on the table anymore, so i thought she had it. she calls me like in this second, like.. 4 HOURS AFTER and tells me i'll fail spanish just because that notebook and then i try'a explain what happened and she's acting like a bitch and wont let me talk and AAHHH -.-' I hate my mother.... everyone does, I MEAN IT when i say SHE HAS NO FRIENDS.... and i could tell you a million reasons why.

This and That -- Welcome to my life!

c'mon, you all gotta admit, you liked -or maybe didnt.- simple plan ( i still love them so much dont get me wrong) but they became so famous with WELCOME TO MY LIFE and i still think thats one of the best songs ever written cause, even though at that time i was very attached with their 1rts album -no pads no helments just balls- i LOVED THAT SONG when i heard it for the first time. and... like i dont know, that song contains all your emotions and everything you wanted to say but you couldnt find the words, or just didnt dare.


i hate my fucking mother! im sick of being with her! GOSH! BITCH!! AHHH

How many of you have a dog? or a cat?

just asking(:

My BFF&hisNEWboyfriend

OMG they look so cute together :D when he asked her out, he bought a brownie (her favourite food in the whole world) and in the brownie "Andrea, be my girl?" :B it was so fucking cute(:

French Exam.. (:

I had my french exam today and believe it or not, it was so damn easy.. and i fucking suck at french xD I just hope i get a good grade 'cuz i HATE when you say "oh i did well" and then u get an F ):