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REMEMBER!? that was SO much fun :'D

you guys remember when the album was like 4 moths away and MCR started giving us clues and we would play this game with the radio and try and figure everything out? and everytime we saw a new transmission or anytipe of clue we would go on and blog it like "OMG GUYS LOOK AT KLSK! THERES AN IMAGE OF A CAT!!" oww that was so cool! i miss it, oh and another thing i love the new background, but dont you kinda miss the old one? :'D so much memories are comming to my mind right now xD

Guys, send me ur best MCR drawings or something you wanna tell the guys!

im actually doing a book for them, i'll go to the orlando concert and give it to them... its going great so far but its not finished, so if you have anything you wanna say or give to the guys, send it to my email remember to give me ur name and where do u live aswell so i can put u in the book :D ok guys thanks love u
gasoline diamond ;)


my dad hates that im growing up, and he loved my boyfriend (of course he didnt know he was my boyfriend) they would talk all the time and my dad would invite him to come over, now that he knows hes my boyfriend.. he says he hates him, he wants me to break up with him and says he never actually liked him at all ¬¬ like.. Ahh ): what should i do? i dont wanna break up with him.. he's the best friend and the best boyfriend i've EVER had

School Photo day

today we had pictures taken at school :s you know how thyre always the worst pictures ever? i actually liked mine! like.. what the hell is going on? im quite sure they'll ask me to take the picture again just because it wasnt ugly xD thats the rule, right? (: have a good day mcrmy :D


thres this girl i HATE at school and i just found out she likes MCR... AHH!! i know mcr is thankful for every fan, but i cant help getting mad about it!!!

im sick...what a nice weekend

amazing, this was the worst week ever --because, school was so boring-- and then, i get sick in the weekend, NICE -.-'

Dont you just hate it when...

you think you can do it --doesnt matter what-- but, suddenly, you realize you cant? you arent that brave? so you back up, and then regret it? and then, you think for the rest of your life "What if...?" THE STORY OF MY LIFE. but not anymore, im willing to change that. and i will! (: starting today, i'll live fully and with no regrets.

show&tell My best friend..

today we had a show&tell, i brought a Necklace my best friend gave to me, he died a year ago, and the teacher was like "And why is this important to you?"
... i dunno i just like it very much 'cuz my best friend gave it to me..
"where does you best friend live? whats his name?"
His name was mauricio.. and well.. he's the best friend ever.
Oh, and where does he live? -at that time i was like.. DUDE ARE YOU SERIOUS? DIDNT YOU HEAR I USED PAST? i was shaking so hard and couldnt stop, i didnt wanna cry in front of the class so i just approached to the teacher and whispered in her ear

RAY TORO DRAWING! please D: oh, and mikey way... READ(:

Guys, im doing like a book, and people give me their information --by information i mean Name, age and where do they come from-- so i print their drawings, and add them to the book with their information on it, im giving that book to the guys, but... I STILL DONT HAVE ONE RAY TORO DRAWING!! dont you think thats WAY TOO MEAN? :s please, if you like drawing -doesnt matter if its good or bad- send me a Raytoro drawing! Pleeaseee, -oh, and if you have one of mikey.. that'll help too..- my e-mail is

Vote for MCR :D dont let papa roach beat us down!

We're the highest bellow papa roach, we can win this (: