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Guys.. help me out a little?

ok, so its not a big deal, but i need a little help on something...i cant actually say it outloud, but.. i can send you guys a message? its weird, i really dont like bothering other people.. so yeah.. thats about it..

JetLag!! Simple plan is back(: anyone here likes them?

i LOOOVE simple plan (not as much as MCR of course) but i love them(: and they have a new song, actually 2, I cant keep my hands off you, and JetLag :D theyre both amazing! though i liked the 2nd album "Still not getting any" better, this songs are like... pop you can say... Meh, i still love them :D yeah.. i had to put that out there,. hahaha love you guys(:

GOD IM SO HAPPY i could cry!

ahhh :D my ex and i, well, we broke up, and we hated each other.. and that was horrible because i thought he was my bestfriend, but, now we talked everything out, and everythings ok now! and im very happy because he's starting to act like my bestfriend again(: and im sure he doesnt want to date again because he has a girlfriend now (shes very sweet) so, im happy, i got my bff back, no more awkward silence(: we talk about almost everything and never fight anymore, cheers to life killjoys! and to happy endings :'D

Guuuuuys.. im bored .____, favourite song??

you can choose up to 5, my alltime favourites are
I never told you what i do for a living
you know what they do to guys like us in prision
To the end
our lady of sorrows
Heaven Help us

and u guys? (:

ok, so theres this guy, named gary, is username is Weightless_Revenge, he yesterdays asked for help, cuz he's going through a lot of problems.. we were talking and i said "But, if you ever feel alone, come talk it out with us" and he said.. and i quote "but no one really helps me here. you and like three other people have ever helped me. Im forgotten, unloved, abused, an ebarrassment...and I understand that Shane and Sniper need us. but what about the rest of us? even before this Shane thing happened I was almost completely ignored here. I went and checked.

Guys i have an idea! #Singitforshane

we could take over the beliebers community! we could log in, and use usernames like "MCR fan" of "KILLJOY" and that, spread the word about what happened, wouldnt it be cool? Killjoys on his tinychat. this is not a revenge (though i love revenge) this is just for us to spread the word, what do you guys think?
we can do it! for shane! for sniper!! please, theyre part of our family

killjoys, lets tweet it to the guys and to justin bieber!!

lets tweet it to them! im sure they would like to know what happened! and to justin bieber too! he might wanna talk to the beliebers! so yeah, tweet it

guys... what else can we do?? lets come up with something!

this singitforshane thing is REALLY serious! we cant just pass it around, we gotta do SOMETHING else, i dont know what, but.. lets come up with something.. i still dont know what, and i dont know how you feel about it, BUT IM FUCKING PISSED! this guy is not a regular dude.. HES A KILLJOY therefore, HES MY FAMILY, and i wont let this kinda shit happen to my family, hell no. im really really pissed off but sad at the same time, i wanna know the news and i wana know he's better :s anyone knows his twitter account??

i still dont get it..

wasnt this our community page? i like it better here. what u guys think? u have an account there? i dont even understand how to use it.. :s lol

come on guys!! vote!

you can vote like 15 times via twitter! dont give up!! we know we're the best army out there! gaga's little mosters are above us! and the beliebers.. the glamberts, the echelons and the aliens!!?! WHAT THE .? COME ON KILLJOYS!