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am i the only one

Who had a shitty christmas and no presents whatsoever? Lol i wish you all the best soldiers <3


I don't care how tired you are of the shit you go through, keep going through it. Because I care about you, whoever you are. Keep alive. We've all been through shit, maybe worse or maybe not. But we kept running, I kept running and I'm alive and my wounds have healed and my smile is bright. You see no future? Make your own future then, don't let the world take you alive. You are better, you are braver, you can make it through. I believe in you, in all of you. Please, I beg you, don't give up, it's not an option.

After 2 years, i changed my avatar!

thats my new avatar, its Sami Sibahi (my fiance) and myself, showing our engagement rings :) its the first time i change my avatar, and i've had an account here for 2 years.
unimportant blog.


first of all, sorry to all my friends for not replying anymore, ive been very busy i promise i will when i can, i hope youre all fine <3
2 days ago, on our anniversary, my boyfriend asked me to be his wife, we're officially engaged! i just wanted to let you all know! hugs!


im sorry, im just really happy about that, we are both such kids when it comes to disney and harry potter, and you know, we'll be going to universal studios and disney. that makes me the happiest girl oh, and hes gonna be my neighbor for a whole month. i just.. im so lucky <3 also, i love that my parents are not controlling and they let me draw on my walls because i come up with bizarre things like that. i wish i could draw well though, id make amazing things. oh well oh well

to my friends on here

im so sorry that im taking even longer to reply than usual, school is too much for me lately and im going through a lot, plus my boyfriend is gonna stay in my house for like a month and i have to prepare everything and and i have many things to do, i didnt forget about you, i care for you all so much you know it and i hope youre doing fine <3 take care please, ill keep in touch, just be patient please and dont think i forgot about you

franks post

i read it this morning at school and i cried lol which song do you guys think they will release first? i hope its the world is ugly, i love it <3

This video made my day.

so im posting it here :) have a nice nice day/night killjoys... scratch that. soldiers! ♥

i love itttt

i just love this, i got used to the other one but i never really loved all the colors it had

My dog is finally better

i was freaking out and i didnt sleep yesterday cuz my dog had a surgery and when i brought her home she looked terrible, like if someone had beaten her up i was so worried and crying and eeeep. i couldnt even sleep i spent the night meditating beside her sending her merits so she would heal and be okay, and today when i came back from school she was moving again, and right now she ate and drank for the first time and im so excited and happy i wanna cry, i was so worried about my dog but i think shes gonna be okay now :) how are you killjoys?