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I'm at a loss for words

I can't believe I'm posting a blog. I'm just freaking out. I don't wanna get my hopes up, I'll be crushed. I can't sleep!!!!!!! Please let it be real

JOSE MUJICA appreciation post

This man, Jose Mujica, has been Uruguay's president since 2010. Dude... I think he's the best man that ever walked this earth! Seriously I wish there were more presidents like him. scratch that, I wish there were more PEOPLE like him. Now, I'm not from Uruguay and unfortunately I don't know anyone that is, so I can't ask how they feel about him there, I'm pretty sure they love him though.

Let's just start with his general aspect. He looks like freaking santa claus. He's the type of person you NEED to hug. And this guy, makes about $108,000 per year. and 90% of that he donates to charity!

Let's bring this back to the vintage shit. TAG!!

Just getting back on this site and posting a blog feels like stepping into a time machine. I met so many great friends on here, some people that are still crucial in my life.
If you're one of them, I'll let you know how I'm doing

I'm soon moving to either los Angeles, Canada or England, for University and I'm becoming a special effects make up artist. Things did eventually get better thanks to everyone that told me so. And my hair is a natural color now. No more red or pink or bright purple lol

I can't think of anything else lol
I'm tagging some people, i want you to post a blog and

10 years that made me

10 years. I met them and saw them live. I was there whwn Gerard said he couldnt wait for the next 10 years to come. I dont understand this. I honestly passed out when I read it. Just now I woke up. And i cant... belive this. But the music will always be there. As frank once said, these are dangerous days we live in and we needeach other. Idon know whats gonna happen to this vsite but im sure the soldiers are not going anywhere. We are still a family. I still need you guys, all of you. I dont know if j sound stupid taking this si seriously but... MCR helped me through everything.

Dry tears and Silent screams

Will time really cure this wound?

Will it ever stop oozing my blood?

That is what all people assume

But what if this time, they’re wrong?

What if this time, I’ve gone

To the point where there’s no return?

That one that tells me I’m doomed

Where not even time will help me bloom

When not even hope will keep me from being consumed

By this misery.. by my self-inflicted wounds?

What if this time, I've gone

To the dark place I call home

To the cloaks that keep me safe

Inside my mind, inside my brain

What if this time, I'm done.

What if I'm just simply gone.

What if tomorrow,

I'm dead

Will you miss

MCR alphabet

Boy Division
Danger Days
Early sunsents
Famous last words
Hang 'em high. (headfirst for halos)
I don't love you
Kobra kid
Lyn-z way
Na na na
Our day of sorrows
Planetary go
Queen? lol (some influence on MCR)
To the end
Under pressure cover with the used :')
Vampire money
We don't need another song about California
Xmas song? lol
Yo Gabba Gabba
Zero percent

bad luck mariana

So, a friend of mine lends me a game that's supposed to be super awesome. I was busy all day, so I really couldn't play. It's late now but I really wanted to give it a try. I put it on the Xbox and BOOM there's no controllers, I was all WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY CONTROLLERS. I looked for them for like 30 minutes nonstop, running around the house and everything. I got soooo mad. I decided the turn the Xbox off, and I thought "I'm sure that when I turn it off, I will find the controllers" It was obvious, BUT I DIDNT EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN SO QUICKLY.

Sami Sibahi

This is my fiance and I :3 His name is Sami of course. I don't know why, but I wanted to show you guys, I love this picture. (And I'm wearing an MCR shirt lol) and I really love him more than anything :')


How did you guys react when you knew the rumor that FOB got back together was actually TRUE?? I freaked out, I was so excited I cried lol and I NEED to go to one of the concerts, for those who dont know, the tour starts now and it finishes June. The three first shows are soldout already. Best news of the year so far, right?

I'm sorry :(

For my friends, I'm sorry that I'm not here often anymore, truth is I'm incredibly busy with school and stuff. I feel horrible about not being here, because you guys are all my family, I wish I could be there for all of you all the time. :c

I miss you all, I'll get on here more often, I promise :) I hope you're all well <3