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Pressure V

Training days start early, way early. 5 o' clock to be exact.
"Okay everyone!" Jet began, "Choose your mentor." The younger kids had the power to choose who they would train with, this training would go off and on for about three months. Surprisingly, a lot of people wanted me as a mentor. The other five mentors and I (X, Jet, Ghoul, Kobra, and Poison) gathered our groups and started our training.
"So," I said looking at my recruits, "what do you want to learn first?" Raven was the first to speak.
"Can we learn how to fire a ray gun?" She asked.
"Sure." My group smiled and grabbed their guns.

Pressure IV

We walked out of the house hand in hand. When I noticed that the majority of the others looking at Poison and I, I quickly dropped his hand.
"Well," I started, "who's ready to eat?" Luckily, Fang walked out with a huge pot of stew. Thank you Fang, I thought.

I don't want to say that we have cliques but, we kind of do. We all sit together in kind of a circle like thing. X, the Killjoys, some of the other oldest, and I sat on the outskirts. Closer to the open desert so we could protect the others, just in case any Draculiods came our way. Then the younger ones sat on the inside.

Pressure III

It took me seconds to realize that I had messed up. I looked over at X.
"Don't just stand there! Get him!" I yelled. While X ran to get Kobra, Poison came to assist me. I started barking orders.
"Elevate his legs! Get me some water!" Poison elevated his legs and ran to get water. I took Ghoul's bandanna and put pressure on the wound.
"It's okay Lynxie. It's just a scratch." Ghoul said.
"You're delusional and you've lost a lot of blood." I tell him.
"You look worse than me." He jokes looking at my crude stitches. I laugh.
"Don't worry about me. Poison! Where's that water?!" I scream.

Pressure II

I grimaced.
"I'm sorry Lynx, but you know how short we are on anesthetics, and we keep getting new members." Mikey pauses, "We all missed you, a lot." He leans down focusing on the stitches he was putting in my shoulder.
"But it was Poison who took your running the hardest." Mikey whispers in my ear
"I thought we could," I gasp with pain, "use your real names when no one was around, Mikey." He looked down at me, one disadvantage of lying down on a surgical table. His eyes were easiest to read and I noticed the genuine shock in them from hearing his old name.
"You can but our old names bring

Pressure I

The dry desert wind whips my already chapped skin. "I should have run away with more clothing." I thought aloud. The black leather vest and denim shorts I was wearing weren't the best things I could have chosen, but at least I had my old makeshift tent with me and a blanket. Over the horizon I could see the first signs of daylight. "Time to setup camp."

I found a rock, well more like a boulder. It was perfect for putting up my tent. The boulder was tall enough so my tent was hidden but not too tall so I couldn't look over it.


Apparently I'm online too much. How do I figure? I have footprint-like indentations in my carpet from where my feet rest when I'm on my Mac. It feels weird...



If you've ever tried writing a book (or anything for that matter) you'll probably understand the title of this blog. If you don't, look it up I don't wanna explain it. ANYWAY! Back to my point! I'm writing (or attempting to) write a book. And if you've ever done the same you should remember how much editing, and spell checking, and proof-reading there is! It's redonkulous. I applaud every author that gets a book published, because contrary to popular belief, you can't just wake up one morning and finish writing a good book.

A Special Thank You

I've been asked a lot over the past half year, "Why MCR? Why not Green Day or Blink 182 or some other band?" Don't get me wrong I love Green Day and Blink and some of those other bands, but I hold MCR above all of them because a year ago when I first heard one of their songs on the radio... it struck me somewhere deep. It gave me inspiration when I was sure that I couldn't find any.

Front Page

Face it, everyone wants to be front page news. Its just human impulse. We want to be heard and have our opinions valued, for lack of a better phrase: We want to be more important than everyone else! You can't be honest and say that you've never wanted to be a star at some point. Feeling the adrenaline rush of running from crazed fans or paparazzi. ;)

Don't worry I'm sick of my signature face too... ;D

Mmmm Coffee

I'm home alone (as per usual) and I realize that my e, though she doesn't understand Me, my music, my style, or my taste in guys, understands what I like. I say this because I woke up this morning to the smell of caramel coffe with irish cream. You know, it's weird I use t
o hate coffee, until I started listening to MCR, and loving Gerard. ;)

So, Gerard lovers unite!
............ after a quick coffee run