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H-Help Please

There's a tornado waring in my area, and everyone around me says that it'll be okay, but they don't get it. I am deathly afraid of tornadoes, like worse than Frank's arachniphobia, so yeah, its pretty bad. And the fact that my dad called telling me to get in the storage unit just made it worse. I just needed to get that out, sorry...

Okay I Fail...

I totally forgot it was Gerard's birthday! I fail, I do, don't try and tell me I don't cuz I do. Anyways! HAPPY FRIKIN BIRTHDAY MtoY DEAR! I've only been a fan for maybe 9 months but it sure as hell is long enough for me to care about how old these boys are! :)

OH NOES!!1!!!1!!!!!

My Chem is getting their ass kicked in Musical March Madness by Green Day! We need voters and fast, so please: VOTE!

Here is teh URL:


A Kid From Yesterday

It's hard to understand what 'The Kids From Yesterday' means until you listen to it for like the hundredth time. I've always loved the song but never seen the true meaning behind it, until today. I am kid from yesterday because I used to be beat-up, alone, and broken, the only thing saving me from a premature death was the fact that it's okay to be messed up. MCR was ~is~ my saving grace. We've all heard the music at some point, and that is what makes us, us.

Pressure IX: Revenge (part I)

The ride home was silent. Home, I scoffed. The word was empty, virtually meaningless. I could feel their stares. I hated when they just looked at me, I felt like they could see right through me. I sensed that Ghoul was going to try and talk first, but something stopped him. Possibly, it was my obvious resentment against the topic that he would surely bring up, but at that moment I didn't -couldn't- care. The tension in the air of the Trans Am was so think you could nearly cut through it with a knife.

Pressure VIII


"What the fuck have I done?!" I yelled, slamming my hands down on the counter top. I ran my fingers through my fiery red hair.
"What's wrong sweetheart?" Asked Velena. I looked her right in those bright blue eyes of hers.
"You." She looked shocked, "If it wasn't for your stupid kiss Lynx wouldn't have left!"I couldn't help but yell.
"Why are you blaming me?! You didn't have to kiss me back!" Velena yelled back. Kobra, Jet, and Ghoul walked out of their rooms to investigate the heated discussion.
"Woah, woah, everyone just calm down. What's wrong?" Kobra asked.
"Lynx left." I stated.

Pressure VII

I walked out with five plates in hand. Fang and I were awaiting the early breakfast rush when I heard Poison and Kobra walk through the door.
"Set her over there on the couch." Poison and Kobra found someone.

I wanted to make a good impression, hell, we all did, so before she (yes SHE) awoke I took of the leggings, they didn't really go with my outfit anyway, but now I looked like a hippie. Oh well, I told myself. It took about an hour before she finally started to move.
"What should we name her?" I asked.
"She kinda looks like Poison." Ghoul stated.
"Yeah she does!" Kobra agreed.

Pressure VI

Every time we trained new recruits the Killjoys, X, and I made it some kind of competition, but the recruits didn't need to know that.
"When the resources are as scarce as they are now," I said, attempting to talk over the wind, "you have to make the most out of what you've got."
"Was it always this barren?" Asked, 14 year-old Sephis. He was blond-haired and blue-eyed.
"I don't know... I wouldn't think so." I pondered the question searching for the answer in the deepest corners of my brain.

I found a perfect spot for setting up camp.

Hug Needed (Desperatley)

I've never really gotten a long with my mom, but it's gone to fucking far! For the, like, 19th time she made me cry. I just need a hug from someone who chhares, because I don't know if I can keep running.


I was reading some of the posts on Zone 6 and their comments and I realized something. We ARE one big family. We support each other and are there for each other through thick and thin. To me, that shows what kind of band MCR really is. Lets face it, if MCR was the kind of band that most people see them as, (a random group of freaks who could care less about who listens to them) don't you think that the fans wouldn't be so supportive of each other?