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Its sleepy sleepy time...................

Ohai. Its been too long of a week for anything really to get done with a blog, or a essay, or a test. Lol. Those are my plans for this weekend, even though I really just want to sleep. But anywho. I just wanted to post a blog plugging the idea that we should all get to know each other better, those of us who are gonna stick around anyway. So, if you plan to follow along and be on this site for the rest of eternity (read until either they take it down or falls into disrepair), say hello. Find someone new to message. And don't be shy. I know I've already met someone amazing people here. :)

I will never forget

So, like, I'm new to this place, and all, and I really really like the family I've already seen.And I wanted to say thanks to those who have made me feel at home here already.

Anywho, to the actual meat of this here post-thingy. I wanted to say that I really really hope everyone will give the band their space. Or, at least give Gerard his space from the band. Because for all the petition signing, and all the talk of trying to get the band to realize their effect on us, its not the time. They know what they've done, and they know how much they mean to us. And to keep bothering them.........