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happy holidays, killjoys.

Happy holidays guys!
I hope Santa was good to you, because he certainly left me a lot. :3
Anyway i'm not going to drone on about what I got but my brother was really good to me this year...I saw the MCR calender in the shop one day and I really wanted to get it but I had no money.
I woke up this morning and after checking out what Santa brought me and opening a couple of gifts, I started to open one of the ones my brother had given me. IT WAS THE CALENDER. I'm so happy I can't wait to start using it haah
Anyways I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Stay bright, killjoys.

conventional weapons!

I love them.<3 MCR never fail to release amazing music.
Tomorrow's Money reminds me of vampire money...yeh.
Well anyways tomorrows halloween and I'm going to be a follower of the Black Parade c:
And we're going into town tomorrow with my little cousin and we're going in costume because
there's something i'll have my make-up and costume on. :D epic.

so yeah. peace out dudes. and stay beautiful, keep it ugly. :3


can't wait. conventional weapons is only 21 more days away eeeeekkkk<3
I can't wait to hear the new songs, and I know they'll be amazing. Anything MCR releases is always amazing.
k. :]
imma go now baiiizz