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With My Music Turned Up Loud....

Ignore the title. I was trying to think of something cool, but that's the best I got right now.
As of today I'll be leaving my lovely little home with it's internet connection and internet capable devices. Instead I'll be at camp to work. Camp, where there is no internet connection. That sadly means I wouldn't be able to read all your blogs, or see the messages you send me. I also won't be able to post blogs. Kind of saddening, I know, but it's job, and I need the money. I absolutely love camp, that place is to me as Jersey is to Frank. That's a love for one place.
I kind feel

Mission: Revenge. Part 22.

As we were driving through Illinois we got a radio call from Party in the Suburban.
“Hey, we’re making a quick stop up here.” He said, startling me a little because I was sleeping.
“Alright.” Kobra told him. “We’re following you.”
We followed the Suburban down a few streets into a housing development. It looked like BL/ind had no use for this particular town. The whole thing was in ruins. Many of the houses had been knocked down, and the streets was cracked like an earthquake had been through the area. We pulled up to a house that was still standing, but barely.
One of the back doors to the

Mission: Revenge. Part 21.

“So, what exactly was that.” Flash asked. I had the question myself, but I didn’t really exactly want to know.
“Well you see BL/ind did inject her with something. It’s still experimental as far as we know. It causes the person to have false memories of certain people, and try to kill them. That’s what happened to Venom.” Kobra explained to us. “She’ll never be exactly the same person as she was before. That’s why we had to get her away from us.”
After that it was silent again. Flash Drive had fallen asleep, and I was out of words. The entire ride back to the Diner was like that.
When we

Mission: Revenge. Part 20.

Venom was holding a knife to Flash Drive’s throat in the middle of the basement. With one swift movement she could kill her with ease.
“What the hell, Venom?!” I asked without much thought. The moment after it left my mouth I knew that could have been a mistake.
Venom just smirked, and tightened her grip on the knife handle.
“Let her go.” Party said between clenched teeth.
By now he had stepped off of the last step, and was just a few steps from Venom and Flash. I wasn’t too far behind him, but hadn’t dared to go one more step closer to Venom.
“Fine.” Venom said in a voice that wasn’t quite

Mission: Revenge. Part 19.

“Well, as you could have the guessed the mission went to hell. All of you guys got separated from me and the others. I guess you know that too considering they’re not here. I can explain that for you. They’re dead.” I flinched at the words a little. She didn’t know notice though, and continued. “They would have shot me too, had I not played dead. Thinking us all dead, they took an experimental ward. That’s when they found out I wasn’t dead. I took an opportunity to grab a scalpel and attack them. I managed to escape somehow, and steal one of their cars.

Mission: Revenge. Part 18.

“Shit. We’ll talk about this later. We’ve got bigger problems.” I pointed towards the van so she would look at what had caused my distress.
“Fuck. How did they find us?”
“I don’t know.” I dragged her off the road, behind a boulder not too far from the road. Lucky the van was pretty far ahead, so if any Dracs were with it they didn’t see or hear us.
I pulled a pair of binoculars off of my belt, and took a closer look at the van using them. There was someone with the van.
They were kicking the front end of the van as if they were trying to get it to work.

Mission: Revenge. Part 17.

held onto the feeling the entire ride. My ears even picked up on the sound of her breathing, it was just that deadly quiet in the car.
By the time we finally did get back to the diner I felt like someone could have died during that ride. The only thing keeping me sane was Flash Drive’s breathing. I gently shook her a little to try and wake her up. Her eyes slowly flicked open, and she gave a weak smile. I wanted to return it, but I couldn’t.
Jet Star helped Flash into the diner, and put her to bed in the room that was for my crew and I. I guess it’s just me and her now.
The realization of

Mission: Revenge. Part 16.

I saw her strapped in a chair in the center of a room, all bloody and scarred. She looked up, and met my gaze for a second before screaming. I guessed she was screaming for us.
“Party!” I shouted ahead to him. He hadn’t noticed Flash Drive. He looked back, and I motioned for him to come back.
As he jogged back, he gave me a questioning look. In response I nodded my head towards the window. He looked in and gasped.
“How do we get in?” He asked.
“Stand back.” Party took a couple steps back and I pulled out my ray gun. I held it up and fired off a single shot at the glass.

Mission: Revenge. Part 15.

We all just sat around in silence after that. Jet Star apparently wasn’t as crazy as I thought. I suppose that’s good since we’re now cell mates instead of just acquaintances. It was Fun Ghoul I was getting worried about though. There was an edge in his eyes that told me something was wrong, but it wasn’t anything to do with being imprisoned. I guessed claustrophobia.
My head shot up the minute I heard any noise though. It was a muffled scream. I looked for its source. A vent.
The scream was bone chilling, and feminine. It made my spine tingle. There had to be something we could do.

Mission: Revenge. Part 14

We all ran like our lives depended on it towards the buildings. The guys, Flash Drive and I made up an uneven row in front. Everyone else was running behind us in a tight bunch.
As we got close Dracs started piling out of the doors. Each had our ray guns up and shooting within seconds. There were Dracs falling left and right, but more kept coming.
“This Way!” Party barked at us, motioning with one hand for the guys, Flash, and I to follow him, as he continued to shoot with his gun in his other hand.
My girls stayed where they were holding as much ground as they could against the Dracs.