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I've always wanted to tell someone. I almost did on more than one occasion. I always knew that I never could, so I never did.
No one can know my secret. Who I am. What I am. They wouldn't believe me, or they'd be scared. I know that one would ever understand.
It's probably best that none of them know. It would only end up with their ultimate demise.

I'm rethinking all of this though.

There's just something about him. The way he walks, and the sound of the voice. Something tells me he would understand. He might even be like me.
His dark brown hair, almost black.

Mission: Revenge. Part 33.

“What the hell took you so long?” I questioned almost immediately after they walked in the door.
“Relax.” Jet Star said to me. “Kobra and I ran into a little situation. We radioed you and Fun for back up, but no one answered so we radioed Party and Flash.”
“That must have happened when Bomb was teaching me how to shoot a bow and arrow.” Fun told him.
“That must also be why you didn’t see us walk by.” Party Poison frowned at us. “Remember to to take the radio out with you next time.”
“Sorry Party.” Fun and I both mumbled at the same time.
“It’s alright.” He told us, but I didn’t feel like it

Mission: Revenge. Part 32.

“Hey, our rhythm guitarist is a midget and we still accept him.” Party chuckled.
Fun didn’t laugh though. He shot Party a look of death, before chasing after him. They ran right outside and didn’t stop there. They continued chasing each other through the desert. Me and everyone else just stood and watched from in front of the Diner.
After a couple minutes of just watching I got bored of just watching. I waited for them to circle back around in front of us before I ran in between Party and Fun.

Ten years, and two days...

Yes that's a play off Frank's blog from nearly one year ago.

As it is, I just came home form the Great Allentown Fair in Allentown Pennsylvania. The same fair that ten years ago My Chemical romance played at. Now ten years ago, I was only six, and didn't comprehend the idea of music. Now I'm sixteen, and I had so much hoped that MCR would maybe, just maybe, play a ten year rememberance concert, or something like that, at the fair. Sadly they didn't. Even sadder, there will only be one rock band playing at all this year, the Jay Giles Band.

Anyone else notice this?

I'm sure you've all seen the new Deadmau5 video for Professional Griefers. If you haven't you'll most certainly can find the link on another blog. Overall I loved the video, despite Gerard having lost the fight, and then also being killed. There's just one thing that I noticed.
When introducing the contestants for the fight, it is said that if Gerard wins he would be the youngest winner ever. Deadmau5 was introduced as a long time champion though. Now this would all be fine if it wouldn't be for the fact that Gerard is older than Deadmau5. Oh, the irony.

Am I the only one to have noticed

Mission: Revenge. Part 31.

“And it’s good not to be the shortest anymore.” Fun added.
“I’m only short because I’m young.” She retorted.
“Shorty, you aren’t fooling us. You’re short for being thirteen years old.” Party told her.
“One day I’ll be taller than all of you. Even Jet Star. Then you’ll have to stop calling me Shorty.”
“Not possible, and we’d never stop calling you Shorty.” Party put extra emphasis on the word ‘Shorty’.
“I’ll kick your ass.” She threatened.
Party just laughed, and started to run around her teasingly. “No you won’t.”
Flash smirked and launched herself at him. They fell into a pile on the floor.

Who said work wasn't fun?

I was just looking through some pictures that were taken at my work place this past summer. These are my three favorite of yours truly. (Yes, I truthfully was doing work when these pictures were taken)

Picture one: The massive zucchini I picked out of the garden.

Picture two: Me pole dancing in the kitchen. (Well not real pole dancing, but that's what we referred to it as)

Picture three: Some parents showed up to pick they're daughter up in that vehicle. It was huge, and I had to park it. I thought they were going to run me over. (P.S. I'm five foot five inches.)

Mission: Revenge. Part 30

My head immediately snapped towards the direction of the sound, before looking back at the guys and making my way into the room. I heard their footsteps following in my wake as I pushed past the slightly ajar door.
Inside was Flash Drive still tied up to the chair as we had left her. Her eyes were still closed, but flickered open quickly as we entered.
“Who are you? Where am I?” She asked frantically. Her eyes were darting from side to side, and she was struggling in her bonds. “Please answer me, I’m scared.” She whispered just barely audible.
I put my hand in pocket to retrieve the

Uh huh...

I was bored, and I found this. That's it.

Sweet dreams
-Waterfall Bomb

I murdered Gerard Way...

It all happened in a dream I had a couple nights ago. Let me just start by saying this was a really fucked up dream that had to do with war, mermaids, lots of my camp friends, and various other people and things. I'm just going to describe the part in which I actually killed Gerard.
Me and a few of my camp friends had been stationed behind these large rocks, and were told to kill anyone who walked through a certain door. Well guess who walks through my door? Of course it's Gerard Way. So without any reason, or thinking or anything, I take the spear in my hands and throw it at his chest.