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I want to type but....

I have this serious issue I'm wanting to type right now, but i don't know what to type. my computer class buddy isn't very helpful either. there's some guy complaining about Mr. Rodgers because he just found out he was Marine sniper and always wears sweaters to cover up his tattoos sleeves. Hey, I guess this is something to type. I'll just rant about all the random things that have happened in my computer class this lovely Friday morning. Let's see, I got a free bag of Sun Chips. Yum. Oh look, I've just heard the song "All the Single Ladies". Interesting. This blog has no point.

Mission: Revenge. Part 39.

“Let’s do another.” She requested excitedly when they’d taken a break.
“We’re out of songs.” Party panted.
“How are you not caked in sweat?” Fun asked her, placing his guitar back on it’s stand.
“I don’t know.” She shrugged.
“If only you put this much effort into fighting.” Party joked.
“I think she puts enough effort into fighting.” I interrupted.
“That’s only because she broke your nose.”
“Fine. You fight her next time.”
That shut him up.
“So, does this mean I’m part of the band?” Flash asked.
“No. Never. You’ll just be a burden.

Mission: Revenge. Part 38.

“Oh my God! I’m sorry.” Flash said kneeling next to me.
I pulled myself up into a sitting position with just one hand. I had my other hand covering my nose which was bleeding profusely. Soon enough all the guys were standing around me, Jet Star kneeled in front of me.
“Move your hand.” He told me. I did as he said, and let him see how bad it was. “It looks broken. Come on, let’s clean this.”
He stood up, and offered me his hand to help me up. With my non-bloody hand I got up with his help, and we walked inside the Diner.

Where do I even begin...

As, some of you may know I went to my school's Homecoming dance this year. Que picture of me in dress. For those of you that voted on which dress i should wear, you'll notice I'm no wearing either of those dresses. The dress I wore I got the day before the dance for six bucks at a thrift store. Hipster? Maybe I a little, but it's a nice dress.
Now, the actual dance. Where do I begin? Let's start with what I said first arriving at the dance. "Shh. Be very quiet. You can see sluts in their natural habitat." Was I too blatant? Or maybe not enough.

Mission: Revenge. Part 37.

I looked around to see where everyone else was, but didn’t find them. When I passed by Dr. D studio room I noticed the light was on. That meant he was doing a transmission. I looked in through the window to try and get his attention. He put a single finger up, telling me to wait a minute.
I waited outside the door as he put a song on for all the listeners to enjoy. Soon enough he came out the door.
“Where’re the guys?” I asked.
“There was a distress call from some killjoy about a mile down Route Guano. Their car broke down, so they went to go help.” He answered me.


Well, I've forced to go to homecoming for reasons I can not explain. My issue is that I have two dresses to pick from, and can't decide which I want to wear. I'm kind of leaning towards the white one, but I want to hear your opinions. So, please, leave your vote in the comments. This is greatly appreciated.

I'm no photographer

Mission: Revenge. Part 36.

Flash Drive was sitting in one of the booths sipping at a mug of coffee.
“Did you stay up all night?” I questioned her.
“Yeah.” She answered.
“You’ll be tired after training.”
“I know. I can’t be helpless anymore though.”
Right then, Party lazily came in.
He looked surprised to see Flash up, but not so much so. He’d yet to have his coffee so he wasn’t yet capable of proper emotions.
“You’re awake?” He cocked an eyebrow. She nodded with a smile. “Coffee first. Then training.” He went to get his mug of coffee.
Everyone else came out of their rooms as well and got their own coffee.

I'm just going to say it...

There, I said it.
Are you happy world?
The girl whose never had a crush before in her life has succumb to life, and found a guy I think might be worth my time.
Now I just have to talk to him.
I've said a total of one incomplete sentence to him. That was only because I was the only other person he'd seen who had love written on my wrist for suicide awareness day.
*Deep Breath*
I'm going to do it. I'm just going to wait until he's wearing on of his Blood on the Dance Floor t-shirts again. That way we have something to talk about.

Mission: Revenge. Part 35.

The whole ride back to the Diner was silent too. That was something else I had noticed over the past couple weeks. Sometimes we could all be loud and joking and having a great time. Other times we didn’t say a word to each other and there was no reason behind it. It was weird.
Back at the Diner, Dr. D was waiting in a booth for us.
“What’s the damage?” He asked.
“I nearly got us caught.” Flash Drive looked down at her feet in shame.
“But you didn’t, so it’s alright.” Jet told her, trying to make her feel better.
“Just be more careful.” Kobra warned.
“You guys are always saving my ass though.

Mission: Revenge. Part 34.

In the very back room we kept a lot of things. Extra guns, and some other odds and ends. Among it all there were several BL/ind citizen outfits. I’m not sure how they got them, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t want to know. I had a thought though.
“Here.” Party handed me a pile of cloths.
“Wait. Shouldn’t a couple of us stay here in case something happens?” I asked.
“We’re going to Battery City, we’re going to need as many people as we can get. Just in case of course. Plus, Dr. D will be here to hold down the fort.” He assured me.
I just shrugged and went to change into the clothes I was given.