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Saving the Black Parade. Part 3.

“I’m not sure. It kind of felt like I was watching a videotape of the time you told me your name. It was weird, but kind of cool.” I answered.
“Maybe you did get some cool powers.” Frank pondered. “I want some!”
Without any warning Adrian passed out, and slumped over onto her side.
“Shorty?” Ray call her name softly.
“What the hell?” Gerard wondered.
“Good. Now she’s quiet.” Frank sighed in relief. He really was angry with her.
“Is she okay?” Mikey had the sense to ask.
I thought the same thing myself.

November Fifth

Remember, Remember the fifth of November
The gun powder, treason, and plot
I know not no reason
Why the gun powder treason
Should ever be forgot.

Saving the Black Parade. Part 2.

“Do we still need to use our killjoy names, or can we use our real names?” I asked. I figured since we were dead, and no longer had to worry about Better Living that we could.
“I think that’s okay.” Party told me.
I guess I could call him Gerard or Gee now. Kobra Kid was Mikey, maybe I’d have to call him Michael to tease him sometime. Jet Star was Ray, I’d get to around to calling him Raymond sometime or another. And then there was Fun Ghoul, now known as Frank.
“Awesome. I guess I should say that my name is Samantha. Just Sam for short though.”
“Not Sammy?” Ray asked me.

Saving the Black Parade. Part 1.

As promised here is the new fan fiction following my previous fiction, Mission: Revenge.

My eyes flickered open.
I was lying on a mattress that was covered in ash and dust. I could tell that I was really stiff, but didn't know exactly why. I lifted my head up anyway to get a look at my surroundings.
I gasped, as the memory came back to me.
It was me, sitting at my computer at home long before anything of Better Living happened. I was watching the music for Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance on Youtube. The thing was I wasn't in my own body.

I smell like Domino's

Just got home from my second evening of work at Domino's. Needless to say I smell like pizza. that's just according to everyone else in my house though. I don't smell it, but they do. Must be used to it already.

So this has been a really pointless blog about the fact that I have a job.

HAVE A GOOD DAY!(Or night. I don't know where you live.)

Screaming at people you don't know

Mission: Revenge. Finale.

Before I start I have a little something I'd like to say. Thank you all for reading this. A huge thank you to Flash Drive who helped in the conception of this story, and the two sequel parts that will follow it. Yes that's right. Two more fan fictions will be written, and posted following the actions in Mission: Revenge. That was big secret too, so I hope it was worth waiting for.
Enjoy the Finale of Mission: Revenge my dearest readers.

We all followed behind him as we started looking for where Korse might be. The sirens were still blaring, and lights flashed ahead of us.

Mission: Revenge. Part 42.

Everyone immediately went into action. I threw my jacket on, and went to get my ray gun. Kobra Kid handed me a couple extras, and I placed them in the straps I sewed on the inside of my jacket. Once I had my mask hanging around my neck I was ready to go, and went out to the Trans Am.
I slid in between Jet and Fun in the back, while Kobra took shotgun, and Party got behind the wheel. without a word he started the car, and drove out there as fast as possible.
“Bomb, do you have any idea where she could have gone?” Party questioned my urgently.
“Wherever Korse is.” I answered.
“This is going to

I'm a thief :D

1) Height? 5'5"

2) Virgin? yes

3) Shoe size? 8-9

4) Sexual orientation? bi

5) Do you smoke? no

6) Do you drink? no

7) Do you take drugs? do generic pain killers count when i only take them to ward off cramps caused by my period?

8) Age you get mistaken for? 18

9) Have tattoos? no

10) Want tattoos? yes

11) Have piercings? i did

12) Want piercings? yes!

13) Best friend? I don't like picking favorites, but if you're going to make me choose I'm saying Crystal

14) Relationship status? Single, and not exactly looking for anyone

15) Biggest turn ons? Being yourself

16) Biggest turn offs? Smoking

Mission: Revenge. Part 41.

“What do you think they would do if we left?” Flash Drive asked me.
It caught me off guard. There was no reason for her to have asked me this, and the notion of the question worried me already.
“I think they would definitely miss us, or at least just you. Might even try and find us.” I answered truthfully. I really wasn’t sure how much the guys would miss me, I knew they would miss her though.
“And what if I left alone?” She continued.
“I wouldn’t care what they would do. I would go and find you.” I was really starting to worry about her now.

Mission: Revenge. Part 40.

“God dammit! It burns!” He was covering his face with his hands.
“Welcome home.” Flash said sounding unsure of her words.
“Shut up and get the first aid kit.” Party barked. I was already on it, and was in the back room looking for it. It took me a moment, but I did find it.
Flash was talking to Party about what had happened. Apparently the guys got into an argument about him being too hard on Flash Drive during training, and he went off on his own. Everyone else was still safe in the Trans Am though.
“Well you don’t have to be a hard ass all the time.” Flash told him.
“Yeah, sorry.”