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Saving the Black Parade. Part 10.

“That sounds like fun.” Adrian agreed with while swinging herself off of the bed.
We all walked back out of the house to the backyard so we could spar with one another.
“Who wants to go first?” I asked.
Frank was first to answer. “I want to fight Adrian.” I wasn’t sure if I should be surprised by this or not. It was his chance to get back at her, but I still didn’t think he would be the one to pick the fight.
“Okay.” Adrian said, I could tell she was slightly unsure of how this would work out.
They both got into proper fighting stances while everyone else, including me, stood off to the

Saving the Black Parade. Part 9.

“We should probably get back to practicing guys.” Ray announced.
“I’ve already got my telekinesis mastered though.” Adrian whined.
“What about levitating?”
“I can’t figure that out.” She sighed.
By now I had already stalked off a little so I’d have room to try a few more things. I was still close enough to hear their conversation though. “Try thinking light.” I suggested.
A couple seconds later she was floating off the ground, and it didn’t look like she knew how to stop.
“Help! I’m floating away!” She yelped.
“Think heavy then.” Mikey instructed her.
Another couple seconds passed, before

Saving the Black Parade. Part 8.

I found myself flying to the nearest tree, and perched as high as I could in the branches. I looked down to the ground and judged that I was sitting easily 85 feet in the air. Realizing I was so high gave me even more ideas.
Cautiously, I formed from a raven into a small chimp. In my head I laughed, making a stupid joke about devolution.
At first I was very careful with my movements as I bound from branch to branch. As I became more confident in my movements I picked up speed, and tried more daring stunts. Jumping from one branch high up in the air to one much farther down.
It was long

Saving the Black Parade. Part 7.

It seemed that there was a time when the Black Parade was less bleak looking, and almost new instead of falling apart. Every month there would be a parade to welcome the newly deceased. Things were actually quite happy and peaceful. I even thought that it wouldn’t have been a bad place to come to.
That’s how things were before Seth came. Seth was the cause for why things are turning to debris. He came during one of the parades, and brought with him sand storms that destroyed everything. It was complete chaos.

My heads been run over by a lawn mower....

I got my hair cut! I'll never again have to deal with my hair on days it wants me to look like Ray Toro! I just have to deal with my friend calling me Gee because I look like a female version of Gerard. What do you guys think?


Saving the Black Parade. Part 6.

We turned around, and the woman was still approaching at a steady pace.
She didn’t appear harmful, but looks can be deceiving. Her dress was black, and even from a slight distance I could tell it was very thick. The only skin showing on her body were her hands and face, everything else was hidden underneath the fabric of the dress.
By now Adrian had left her seat from the behind the drum kit and was standing next to me. Well ‘next to’ isn’t quite right. She was practically just barely peeking out from behind me.
When the mysterious woman was just a few yards away, Gerard spoke up.

Dear Hair,

Please stop acting like I'm Ray Toro. I'm not, so stop trying.

Saving the Black Parade. Part 5.

We all continued to walk along as a group. From time to time I would feel Ray’s eyes on me. I imagined he was reading my mind, and I was a little self conscious about that. It didn’t bother me too much though.
After we’d gone about a mile in silence, and there was still about a half mile to go, Ray broke the quiet.
“Um, Sam?”
“You can do more than just see the past. You can shape shift too.” He told me.
I was shocked to hear that. He must have been joking with me. “Really? How do you know?”
“ I've kind of been exploring your mind.” That would explain the constant looks.

Bookworm problems

I recently started reading Harry Potter(Yes, I know I'm late, but whatever) Once I'm finished with that i plan to start reading the Maximum Ride series. I'm thinking that by the time I'm done with that it'll be about time for me to re-read The Host so I can refresh my memory before the movie comes out. My problem is that for Christmas my sister wants to know what book I want. I know for a fact that I want Tricks by Ellen Hopkins, but I'd like to get a couple others. The problem is that I don't know what to get. Anyone have some suggestions for good books?


Saving the Black Parade. Part 4.

“What about you guys?” I asked them all.
“I was always just a little bit awkward. I don’t know what could come of that though.” Mikey told me.
“What’s something you would do in an awkward situation?” I pressed.
“Um, try to disappear. I don’t know, this is awkward.” As he was saying the last sentence, I noticed him becoming more and more transparent. Soon enough he faded away completely, and we couldn’t see him at all.
“Fuck. Where am I?” I imagined him staring at his own hands, wondering where they had gone.
Adrian went to poke the air where he was standing.