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Best. Moment. Ever.

I'm currently sitting here on my families computer listening to Kill All Your Friends. I wondered what would happen if I google image searched Kill All Your Friends. *Enter my mother*. Yes my mother walked by and was like what are you looking at. So I very excitedly said, "I'm listening to the song Kill All Your Friends, and wanted to see if their were any good pictures about the song. She just stared at me like the crazed teenager I am, and walked away. I laughed very hard.

Comment funny your Kill All Your Friends experiences.

My Inspiration

I know we've all seen this video being posted on here hundreds of times tonight already. I do not mind that most of you will just scroll past this.

I have not been a fan of My Chemical Romance for very long, only about a year and a half now. In that year and a half though I've changed a lot, but not in a bad way. It was the start of my freshmen year of high school. I'd just truly discovered music. Four days into that school year I was in a car crash. Fortunately I wasn't injured and neither were any of the others involved. Music helped get through that.

Please, stay together

So, a friend of mine, let's call him Bob, is having a series issue with a friend of his that i don't know. I hate seeing people's world's fall apart like his is currently. I'm trying everything to help them both, but running out of advice and ideas. Can anyone, someone, help me out here.? I'll appreciate it greatly, and I'm sure my friend will too.

Late but: Stop the Hate

So as many of you know yesterday was a day to show you support against bullying. I too showed my support by writing up and down my arms the words "Stop the Hate" several times. Unfortunately I had to wash it all off before I could get any pictures. So , I redid the one this morning and got a quick picture to show everyone.

Today is...

I got bored and was messing around on this photo editing site i love( in the end i found this really cool font and made this. tell me what you guys think.

La la la la la I'm bored and in class(don't mind me)

I'm really bored sitting in class. We are doing our midterms. currently in marketing(a computer class) we've finished our midterm. it was just to present our powerpoint for a sonic advertising project campain thingy.
so todays "Stop the Hate" day. I still have to write up and down my arms like a maniac. It would be done by now if woludn't have had to look "professional" for that presentation thingy.
it's raining outside too. usually this time of year in Pennsylvania(where i live) we have snow, but this we don't.
I don't know why i'm typing about all this.
getting back to the "Stop the

Chemical Letters

Another nameless poem! Hurray!

I've counted the seconds,
Every moment of silence.
Finally the time has come.
10 years ago to this day,
A nation stood, breathes held.
As everything came crashing down,
With little hope in sight, we still fought.
Now we mourn the losses of those brave soldiers.
Remembering every innocent death like it was yesterday.

I may have been young and clueless then.
Now here I stand, all knowing and proclaiming.
Thanking unknown souls,
Praising those who saw these evils,
And were brave enough to tell the tales.

Never forget.

Remember I've titled my series of poems


I don't really know what I'm feeling right now. Just my life few the past few years seems like it's been a little too perfect compared to everyone else s around me. I know this probably sounds like i'm crazy because what's not good about having a good life, right? well, i'll tell you, everyone comes to you for advice especially when it seems like everyone is having a tough time but you. i don't know anymore, i think i just need to talk.

Help?(I think)

Chemical Letters(poetry)

First the poem:


"It's wonderful,
Everything you do is great.
Maybe even professional."

What you need is quite the opposite.
They should say so much little,
You should hear even less.

"That's dreadful,
The most horrible thing I've read.
You couldn't possibly be famous."

That is what you need.

Next: I've decided to title my poetry series "Chemical Letters". It's kind of a tribute to how much My Chemical Romance has influenced my poems.
As always, reviews please!


Is it just me or has there been a lot of spam on here over the past few days. I've just spent the last 10 or so minutes reporting spam. After that I looked at the two users profiles that had posted the spam. They had both just joined the Zone today within 2 minutes of each other. Something doesn't seem right about this. What do you guys think, and how can we stop this?