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The World Will Never Take My Heart part 10

Gerard, Mikey, and Ray all shot me a look of shock. Mrs. Ann even looked at me the same way.
Mrs. Ann recovered quickest and said, "Well then, I wouldn't see why you guys couldn't come back. I'll see you in the morning then, right now Zane has to get to his room, it's nearly curfew."
"Alright, so long and good night." Mikey said still in some state of shock.
"Yeah," I chuckled at his Helena reference as they let, and I made my way to my room.

Needless to say I couldn't sleep that night. I had thought about what I could want. There was only one thing I could possibly think of. A family.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 9

Both the ride in the taxi and the van were very silent. The guys could sense I was still a bit of an emotional wreck. I'm pretty sure they were still a little shocked by the days events as well.
When we finally arrived at the orphanage the sun was setting. Mrs. Ann was going to be furious.
We all got out of the van, and made our way to the front door. The guys filed behind me into the lobby. A head poked out of an office window to see who it could be. "Thanks God! You're okay, we were worried sick!" Mrs. Ann exclaimed. "Now where in the world were you?!" She was mad now.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 8

This time they didn't hesitate. Gerard, Mikey, and Ray all swarmed me with hugs. I didn't stop them.
After about a minute they released me when the nurse came back. She told us we had to leave so Frank could rest. He would be released tomorrow morning. "I'll see you guys tomorrow. You too Zane." Frank said as we made our exit.

"So we'll pick you up at the orphanage tomorrow morning after we get Frank." Ray said.
"Yeah, but you should probably come with me to the orphanage now to explain to Mrs. Ann why I was gone so long. Mrs. Ann is the owner of the orphanage." I told them all.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 7

The guys weren't really sure how to act. Gerard put his arm awkwardly over my shoulder.
"What's wrong?", He said softly.
"I...I just don't know. Today seems like a blessing and curse on top of my already fucked up life." I mustered between sobs.
"It'll be alright. Just tell us where you're house is, and we can talk about everything tomorrow. I'm sure your family is worried about where you are."

That made whole new wave of even worse sobs rack my body.
"That's just it!", I half shouted making Gerard and the others take a step back.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 6

A doctor in the room better described Franks condition. The concussion was very minor, and was obviously caused by the fall. his cracked ribs were actually my fault from the CPR. After his brief spiel he left us alone for a few minutes.

"Sorry about the cracked ribs." I apologized to Frank. " By the way I'm Zane."
"No need to be sorry, you saved my life. I'd rather deal with a little pain than be dead." He chuckled lightly. "So, does he know? About us?" He asked Mikey.
"Yeah." He told him.
"Zane I really can't thank you enough. Is there anything you really want.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 5

At that moment Mikey and Ray came in. Gerard saw them, and motioned for them to come over and sit. Mikey sat down next to his brother, and Ray took the last seat next to me.
Ray was the first to act, "Does he know?"
"Yup," Gerard nodded. "By the way what's your name?"
"I...I'm Zane." I managed to stutter.
"Well, Zane, thank you for, um, I guess saving Franks life." Mikey told me offering me a handshake. I shook his hand, and the others when they offered as well.

A nurse walked up to us. "He's doing fine. He suffered a small concussion. we also took a chest X-ray, he has a few cracked ribs."

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 4

The ride to the hospital wasn't too long, and was filled with questions from one of the EMTs. He was first questioning Gerard about about happened. It turns out Frank was showing off by scaling a tree, when he lost his footing and fell. They all thought he was joking around like he does. Until he didn't get up, even after they'd lightly kicked him as pay back for scaring them. That's when I showed up.
The EMT asked me what I did. I told him him that I preformed CPR, as I showed him him my certification card in my wallet. He then asked me how I carried out the process of CPR.

The World Will Never Take My Heart Part 3

Thirty compression's. Two breaths. Thirty compression's. Two breaths.
I repeated the process several times ignoring the sickening crunching sound the compression's made.
"I hear sirens.", Mikey said with some hope.
Just then Franks eyes jolted open, and he took an extremely deep breath. I stopped doing CPR, looked Frank in the eyes and said, "Stay right where you are. The ambulance is nearly here."
He looked at me confused, but nodded anyway.
The guys were all celebrating behind me. Happy that Frank was okay. They patted me on the back, and Ray even hugged in thanks.

The ambulance arrived,

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 2

I jogged over to the seen. Already in some shock, I noticed who these guys were. My idols, my heroes, My Chemical Romance. Yes. Gerard, Mikey, and Ray how could I mistake their faces, but where was Frank?

"Oh shit." I said as I finally reached them.
"Can you help?!", Gerard exclaimed noticing I was there. "He fell out of this tree, and didn't get up. At first we thought he was just messing with us, but he's been down for two minutes now."
I didn't hesitate. I was down on my knees next to Frank checking for a pulse on his wrist. It was there, but barely.
"Fuck," I muttered.

The World Will Never Take My Heart(fan fic) Part 1

Walking the same path as I do everyday. Through the only freedom I know, even though I shouldn't be here. I need to find a different path someday soon, they'll be waiting at the end of this one as they do everyday.

Allow me to explain starting where it all began. My name is Zane, I grew up in a small New Jersey town called Newark. When I was about eight years old I heard of some guys from my home town had started a band, and were doing well. Back then I wasn't much for music, and didn't care at all. That's not the point though. Two years later, when I was ten, my house burned down.