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The World Will Never Take My Heart part 18

Mrs. Ann spoke first, "They all just wanted to say a little something to you."
"Congratulations!" They all cheered at once. Once they'd settled down my closet friend, Beth, stepped forward.
"We're all so happy that you've finally found yourself a family. Especially considering who it is." She winked.
Did she know it was Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance? How could she? I haven't told anyone who was adopting me. Wait, she must have seen for herself. Thinking back I do remember seeing a head peek into Mrs. Ann's office yesterday. It must have been her that I saw.

After everyone else said their

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 19

Before opening the back door to the backyard, i paused. I wondered what they could have planned? I shrugged, and went through the door.

"Surprise!" The entire inhabitants of the orphanage greeted me. As their last syllable faded the unmistakable sound of My Chemical Romance come through the air. I looked up to where teh sound was coming from, and past the crowd I found it. Gerard, Mikey, Frank, and Ray were all there playing my favorite song, I'm Not Okay.

I made my way to the front and stood front and center of where they were playing. They finished, and everyone clapped, including me.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 16

"Yes!" They all shouted, jumping with joy. Ray picked me up in a huge hug. When he put me down they all attacked me on big bear hug. After settling down some Ray said, "Let's head back to the orphanage and fill out the adoption forms."
"Definitely." I agreed.

For once the ride with these guys wasn't silent. With Mikey driving, Ray, Gerard, and Frank were asking me questions about everything. My birthday, favorite everything, and more. I had my questions that i wanted to ask them, but it could wait.

Mrs. Ann greeted us when we got back to the orphanage. Ray shared the good new with her.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 17

Filling out the forms took hours. Most of it was for Ray to fill out, but I had my fair share to do too. When we finally finished it was late in the evening.
"Alright," Mrs. Ann began. "We'll just fax the forms your wife needs to fill out. Once she faxes those back to us all filled out, he's yours."
"Thanks, I'll call her tonight and tell her to fill them out ASAP." Ray said slightly exhausted.
"And thank you Ray. I really don't believe any this." I told him.
"It's the least you deserve after how you helped us out. Well I guess I'll be back in a couple of days.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 15

"Hey Frank. What's up?" Christa asked.
"I'm not Frank." I said.
"Then who are you?" She said trying to hide her little bit of fear.
"I'm Zane, the same Zane that Ray just called you about adopting."
"How do you have Frank's phone?"
"I'm standing right here across from him. I'm also with Ray, Gerard, and Mikey. I know you're probably unsure about adopting, but I just wanted to explain myself to you." I continued on with how my parents died, and Adam having killed himself. All the while the guys just stood around me, hanging on my every word.

When I finished Christa had two things to say.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 14

Ray told Christa my name. Then there was a long pause. The look on Rays face wasn't too hopeful. "Okay," He finally said. "See ya soon. Love you too. Bye." He closed his phone.
"Well," I said trying ot be hopeful.
"She said to give her some time to think about it. I'm going to call her again later. Try to explain the circumstances a little more." He said.
I lowered my head in defeat.
"Hey, don't be so bummed. I'm sure she'll say yes once she knows more about you." Ray put an arm around me in comfort.
"Yeah," I said, "But what if I talked to her? Like right now."
"If you think it'd help,

Marketing Ideas?

Okay, currently sitting in my marketing class at *:52 in the morning. Fun -_-. We're starting a project where we need to create our very own new product. Something that doesn't exist at all, but is feasible. I only have three ideas. A half orange soda half orange juice drink. A holster style quiver. Or ear bud earrings. If you were to create a product, What would it be? I really help on this one. If I do choose one of your products I'll post pictures of it.
Thanks Killjoys!

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 13

"What?!" We all nearly shouted at the same time.
"When were you going to tell us? Or, even just me?" Gerard asked him.
Mikey chuckled, "Oh, I was just waiting for the right time."

We all spent a few minutes questioning Mikey. It was going to be a girl, and she was due in August(seven months from now). Finally, I got us back to the topic at hand. "Well then, I guess that leaves you, Ray. What do you think Christa would say?"
"Why don't we finish our breakfast, then we can go ask her?"
I'd nearly forgotten about the food I'd ordered.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 12

"What?" I exclaimed. Then it hit me. "Oh, you guys think i want to be on the the tour bus, and what not, with you. No, no, no. I want a home that I can call my own too." I explained.
"Then what are you trying to get at exactly?" Mikey asked.
"Well, you guys are all married, correct?" They nodded. "Do you think maybe I could stay with one of them?" I paused to let them think about it. "Gerard, I know Lindsey probably has her hands full with Bandit. And Frank, Jamia has your twins to take care of. But, how about you two, Mikey and Ray? Do you think either of your wives would mind?"

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 11

I guess that I must have passed out after awhile, because I woke up to a knock on my door. I got myself up and opened the door. Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and even Frank were standing there, each witha coffee in hand. They all looked as tired as I was, probably didn't sleep much for the same reason I didn't. Frank looked the worse of all, you could see he was still in some pain from yesterday.
"Morning," Frank said causing him to grimace out of the pain it caused.
"Yeah, good morning to you yous too." I said sleepily. "Give me a few minutes to get ready then we can go somewhere to talk."