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The World Will Never Take My Heart part 25

(Four and a half moths later)

Life couldn't have been going better.
The first weeks were great because all the guys were home, and enjoying being off tour. Ray nd Christa got me accustomed to the town. They had signed me up for public school, and what not. Everyone was great, they were all so cool about me being the Toro's child, and they were also so used to seeing the guys and their wives out and about. Gerard, Mikey , and Frank all had houses pretty close to one another and Ray's too.
I kept sending letters to Beth about everything. My new friends, school, the town, and so much more.

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening

Hello all my wonderful killjoys! I just thought I would say hi, ask how your days are going.
Some times I think we all just need to slow down, take a step back, and have some small talk. Some thing to help get your mind off whatever you don't want to think about. Some one to have some kind words to say to make your good day better, or turn a bad day around. So, yeah how is everyone?
I've had a pretty good day, only one bit of bad news, but people on here always cheer me up(A thank you to iDoN'tEvEnKnOw, those who always comment of my fan fiction, and to everyone who writes a fan fiction that

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 24

Their house wasn't exactly what i expected. It was located in the mid-section of California right outside a small town. It wasn't a huge house either. Just a little larger than average I'd say. There was even a pool, and lots of outside space to roam.

"You'll have your own room with it's own bathroom. Right now everything very plain, but we can fix that later." Christa explained to me as she led me through the house. Finally, we came to my bedroom. She opened the door with a "Ta-da!"
It was perfect. Of coarse I'd want to repaint the walls some time, and put up posters.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 23

The flight went well. We had first class seats, so I can imagine that made a difference. There hadn't been much turbulence, and we didn't encounter any storms. Landing went well too, but we didn't land until evening.

The guys wives were already there waiting for us. Gerard embraced Lindsey in a tight hug, and asked about Bandit. Mikey and Frank had similar greetings with their wives. I followed Ray over to Christa. Ray gave Christa a hug, and whispered something into her ear.

"You must be Zane." Christa greeted me. "I've been dying to talk to you in person."
"Me too." I said with a smile


The World Will Never Take My Heart part 22

"Frank? Do you think your going to be alright?" Mikey was questioning him.
"Ow," He moaned trying to keep his eyes from closing, and his breathing was shallow.
"Stay with us Frank. You've got to stay awake." Gerard told him, obviously worried.

That's when Frank chuckled. He couldn't hold it in any longer, and was literally rolling on the floor laughing. We all just stood up and stared at him as he continued his laughing fit. "I got you guys so bad!" He said after calming down some.
"I hate you!" Gerard loudly told him. "Once your ribs heal I'm going to beat the shit out of you!"
This made us


I sent my friend a link to a Leathermouth to see if she'd like it. She says, and I quote, "OMFG WTF IS THAT SHIT ITS A DISCRACE TO SCREAMO EVERYWHERE KILL IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Now she will not believe me that if she even attempts to kill Frank Iero, that she will be killed by us, the MCRmy. So please post comments so I may show her that she would be killed. I'm really counting on you guys for this. And, yes i know this is stupid, but we're friends, and this is what we do.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 21

We ended up kissing. She said that I should go to sleep, I told her not without you near by. In the end we both slept in my room. It didn't feel quite right, letting her sleep in Adam's bed, but where else would she have slept?

Morning came too fast as it does in these situations. I looked over to see if Beth was awake yet, but she wasn't there. There was only a piece of paper left on the pillow.

"Last night was amazing. I love you so much. Good luck in California. Hope I'll hear from you often." Were some of the many things written all over it.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 20

The rest of the night was great. I went around to everyone to accept their thank yous and wish them luck. So many people were talking to the guys too. People who knew their music, and many that didn't. It looked to me they were having as good a time as I was.

When it got to being pretty late it was just Beth, the guys, and me. We were sitting at table talking. Beth, like me, was a huge fan of My Chemical Romance.

"Your performance tonight was awesome guys." Beth was going on.
"Thanks, but that was nothing." Frank said.
"Yeah," Mikey agreed.


On march 31st 2008 hundreds of MCR fans stood up for the band, The Sun Times a British tabloid had falsely printed that their music made someone commit suicide. On March 31s these fans joined together in protest of their bands’ persecution. Friends, our band is persecuted no more but I think it’s time we paid them all a proper tribute.

In the video Kids from Yesterday they thank us but I think they have it backwards. It is us who need to thank them. On March 31st 2012 we will let them know how much we care!

My Killjoy Symbol

Okay so I finally got myself a killjoy symbol to match my killjoy name. I was just randomly looking at photos and that came up, so I tinted it blue using a photo editing site( I think it's just perfect for the name Waterfall Bomb. What do you guys think?