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Gone(Original Poetry)

Around my neck
I place a necklace
Not my favorite
In fact I hate it
It doesn't much matter
This is the last time I'll ever see it
Just one step
From this Heaven's Hell
Everything from here will be better
A true paradise
It's waiting for me
I take the step
My final step
Closing my throat
I try to scream
Hands grasp my throat
Mouth gaping for air
Finally darkness succeeds
Moments pass
Only darkness
That's when I see it
A candles light
Small but warm
I reach out for it
Grab it
It doesn't burn
But rather envelopes me
Surrounds me with warmth
Whispers safety
I open my eyes to see

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 47

"Now for the newest thing in Alternative: Drop-Dead Lovers playing Heroes Become Angels." The B104 announcer boomed.
This was it. A few thousand listeners from across the United States were now listening to our music. It was nerve racking and unbelievably awesome at the same time.
When the song came to a close the announcer was back talking with a listeners.
"That song was awesome!" The female fan exclaimed. "Do you have anything else by them?"
"Sure thing. Here's Colored Lies by Drop-Dead Lovers again."
Wow! Two of our songs in a row! That's just on one American radio station.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 46

(Two months later)
The night before the release of our first album, Dreams From Beyond The Gates, and I'm on my way to the hospital.
Ray had got a call from Mikey, Alicia's water broke and she went into labor. Now Ray was driving Christa and I to the hospital to see the new born baby. Frank, Jamia, and Lindsey were coming too.

When we finally got to the hospital it was only minutes before midnight. We were directed to a room in the delivery section of the hospital. Ray knocked on the door with the room number we were told to go to on it.
"Come on in." We heard Mikey's voice call from inside

Good evening....

Hello my fellow killjoys. How have you all been the past few days. I haven't been here. Had a business competition. It was a lot of fun, didn't win, but I still had fun and learned some things. In the end that's all that really matters. Although it would have been nice to be able to go to Utah. I hope you've all been good. Currently I'm kind of bored, so if anyone would like to chat feel free to message me. I always love talking with the wonderful people one here. The fact that the My Chemical Romance site has Zone 6 is probably one of my favorite things about the band.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 45

Barely a week later, we were in that studio. Playing for Brian. He was just as amazed as Mikey, Frank, and Ray had been.
"Drop-Dead Lovers are going to be big." Brian told us after we finished playing for him.
With the biggest smiles on our faces we all thanked him.
I was the first to ask the question we all wanted answered. "How long until we can put out an album?"
There was only a little less than two months before school began. Leo, John, Kat, and I all convinced our parents to let us do cyber school if we could get an album out before then.
"Seeing that you already have the music part of

(Insert Title Here)

I feel like I have something important to share, but there is nothing in my head. I guess I'll just say hi. How is everyone? I'm doing pretty good, got a business competition tomorrow for the next few days in Hershey. Wish me luck, I'll probably not make it to the next level though anyway. That's also the reason I won't be posting The Only Hope For Me Is You for any one that cares to know the reason. If anyone wants to talk, about anything, message me. I'll always message back no matter how long it takes. Noe enjoy these random pictures!

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 44

After practicing all day Friday we felt confident about playing for Mikey, Frank, and Ray on Saturday. I was actually really excited too. We had barely finished cleaning up from lunch when I was practically pushing Ray out the door with me.
Surprisingly enough we weren't the to arrive at Leo's house. Kat and John were already there. They were standing outside chatting with Leo. As we walked up they greeted us, expressing their thanks for Ray coming.
It wasn't long until both Mikey and Frank came. With everyone here. we didn't hesitate to get started.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 43

We spent a good hour together until we both realized that we should go home. Kat rode on the handle bars of my bike until we got to where had chained up her bike. Then I rode with her to her house. Before leaving her for the day I gave her another kiss. Finally, I rode my bike home.

When I got home I made quick calls to Leo and John. They were both excited, yet understood the difficulties. Plans were made on for us all to meet at Leo's on Saturday. Ray, Mikey, and Frank would be there too.
Leo also told me that he and John came up with some riffs for Heroes Become Angels.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 42

I took a break from calling people. I could call Leo, John, and Kat later. Right now I just wanted to relax a little. So, I grasped my notebook, and some cash, and put them into a bag. Took my bike, and rode to the Quick Shop in town.
At the Quick Shop I got my favorite flavor of Sun Chips, garden salsa, and an Arizona Iced Tea. I took my purchase to the park nearby.
I found a nice spot in the sunny field to sit, and enjoy myself a little. While snacking on my chips, I started to write. Not exactly lyrics, but just a little something.

'Shout Hallelujah
Pray for you hope
Forgive all the vain

Awesome Tattoos

I originally clicked on that link(above) because I saw the Billie Joe tattoo. Then scrolling down I saw the MCR one. Just thought I'd share because it's an awesome tattoo. There are some other really good ones too.