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The Afterlife part 5

"So let me get this straight. I'm supposed to kill some dark queen. What's her name again?" I asked.
"Nymphoria." Briar reminded me.
"So I'm supposed to kill her. How exactly?"
"Your abilities of course. In the prophecy it is said the one marked with symbols will be able to control everything in order to defeat any evils."
"Uh huh." All this was so confusing. I was dead. That much believed now. I just can't imagine myself killing someone. Never had I ever wanted someone dead, let alone someone I don't even know.
"Don't worry. I know someone who will help you.

The Afterlife part 4

For the second time today I woke up laying on the ground. I was on the wooden floor of Briar's living room. Briar was kneeling next to me. She had been wiping a damp cloth over my forehead until I flicked my eyes open.
"Are you alright?" She asked.
I nodded and sat up to show that I was truly okay. At least physically I was fine. My mental state took a quick drop when I remembered how other people looked here.
"Where's your bathroom?" I asked nervously.
"Upstairs, first door on the left." She gestured to a staircase.
I got up and walked as quickly as I dared to the bathroom.

I'm Not Okay....Poem?

I found this poem in the book I am currently reading. The book is Perfect by Ellen Hopkins. She is a really amazing poet novelist, and I think most people on here would love her work. If you haven't already read her books, I highly recommend them. Any ways here's the poem:

Title: I'm okay

Everything I've believed
in, smashed into the mud.
All I've worked toward,
Pulverized into dust. But
okay. Who wanted all that,
anyway? Who needed

The Afterlife part 3

It turns out there was a town about five minutes from where we were in the forest. Tree told me Briar lived in the center of that town.
In total it was about a twenty minute walk. On the way we talked about my life. I kept rambling on about the kind of person I thought I was, and what people thought of me. I was barely paying attention to what I was saying though.
I was awed by how everything looked so normal. The only oddities were the people. Most of them seemed pretty average looking with only slight abnormalities, usually eye color. Others had much more noticeable differences.

The Afterlife part 2

"What!?" I exclaimed.
Could this be true? Could I be dead? Dead? What exactly does that make this place? Make me? Am I a ghost? Is this heaven? Hell? Some other place?
"I know that's probably a hard concept to swallow. Don't worry though. You'll understand everything once you're found." The strange girl, who I mentally nick named Tree, explained.
"Found? What does that mean?" I asked.
"Based upon the person you were while living you'll get personalized abilities. Your appearance will change too. You've probably noticed my pupils look like leaves, and my hair has a greenish color too.

The Afterlife(Fiction) part 1

Finally, here it is. My new fiction. Enjoy.

This was going to be awesome.
The same thought went through my head for about the thousandth time. I was finally going zip lining. Probably one of the more moderate activities on my bucket list, but I'm still insanely excited.
At last the instructor gave me the okay, and i pushed off the ledge with as much force as I could muster.
"Woo!" I screamed as I flew over the tree tops. This was great. Nothing could bring me down. I was lost in the moment of exhilaration.
Suddenly, there was a loud snap.

Celebrities(Original Poetry)

We are the ones mocked.
We are the ones called crazy.
We are the ones left to ourselves.
We are the ones who are unafraid.
We are the different ones.
The ones who imagine.
The ones who believe.

We are tomorrow's drug
For the ones who wish they were us.

What do you think?

Don't let the bed bugs bite
Sleep tight, and sweet dreams.
-Waterfall Bomb

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 50(Epilogue)

(Three Years Later)
Our first tour as Drop-Dead Lovers had went well. We were still on the road when we completed our online high school courses. Obviously, college wasn't necessary. All our time is being focused on our seconds album to be titled Carnation Poison. The release should be here for the new year, and our ever growing fan-base can't wait.
Kat and I have remained close, but have yet to talk about marriage or children. I'm pretty sure we'll end up together, and I want a kid. I think Kat would like a kid too, not yet of course, we're still much too young.
Leo and John have dabbled

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 49

"Perfect!", "Wow!", "Awesome!", "You did great!" Were just some of the compliments we received upon going back stage. I was barely out of view of the crowd when Frank tackled me in a hug. Ray and Mikey took down Leo and John after they put down their instruments. Kat got ff easy with a bear hug from Lindsey, Alicia, Christa, and Jamia.
We had some time to calm down before fans with VIP passes could come back and meet us.
The fans were great. They expressed love for all of us, and many thanks for doing what we do.

The World Will Never Take My Heart part 48

(One month later)
Over a million online hits, and countless iTunes downloads later, it was time to tour. Tickets sold like hot cakes, and our first show had sold out.
For our first show I personally requested that it be as close to Newark as possible. Luckily there was a theater there, not very big, but it didn't matter. That's where we are now. Preparing for our first show. Frank, Ray, Mikey, their wives and children, and even Lindsey and Bandit came out just for the occasion.
Personally I was on edge. In an hour I was expected to be standing on that stage, singing my heart out.