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Zone: Unknown

Well I've been running through the uncharted zones for as long as I can remember. We may not have as many Dracs here as in the charted zones, but there's still a lot. A few weeks ago me and my gang came across I nice area with very few Dracs at all. So, we decided to have a little fun.(That's me)
Wish I had time to upload more, but I've got to keep running.

Don't let the bed bugs bite,
Sleep tight, and sweet dreams.
-Waterfall Bomb

The Afterlife part 11

I was out of room to run, out of ideas, and prepared to die(again?). There was nothing left for me to do.
I let out a final scream of anger at myself for being so helpless, stomping my foot for emphasis.
Suddenly the air around me grew hot. I took my hands away from my eyes to see if I could find the cause of the heat. I found the source immediately. It was me.
My hands were completely engulfed in flame. I quickly looked down at the rest of my body to find that I was completely on fire.
Surprisingly it didn't burn. Just left me feeling the insane heat of the flames.

The Afterlife part 10

"Whoa." I heard someones voice swim through the fog in my brain. There were hands on my shoulder and forearm keeping me steady.
It took about a minute for me to straighten up my thoughts, and be able to stand on my own.
"Sorry 'bout that." William apologized after I was okay.
"It's okay. It's actually pretty cool. Just give me some warning next time."
"So, where are we?" I asked. We were standing on asphalt right behind a large warehouse like building.
"Wal-Mart." Will said enthusiastically.
"Yeah. Occasionally something built by the living will also be built here.

The Afterlife part 9

I followed William through the halls of the mansion. It was almost like a maze, and I was sure I'd get lost more than once. Thankfully I had Will with me. At least this time I did.
We finally walked through a door that entered into a kitchen. Not just any kitchen though, it was a complete kitchen you'd see at a restaurant.
Still following Will, we stopped in between two large doors. One was made of wood, and was labeled "Pantry". The other was metal, and had a temperature gauge that was close to zero degrees.
"What do you want to eat?

The Afterlife part 8

"Hi." The boy who opened the door said. "I'm William." He stuck out his hand for me to shake.
I was slightly taken aback for a couple reasons. One: He was so much more different than his sister. Two: He was absolutely gorgeous.
A mess of curly dirty blonde hair that make it look like he had a halo from the lighting behind him. He was muscular too, but not too much. His skin was a gold like tan color too. I even liked his cloths. simple relaxed fit jeans with a plain green crew neck t-shirt. All wrapped up with a charming smile.
His eyes also really caught my attention.

The Afterlife part 7

"Concentrate." Todd told me.
He had led me to a small room at the far end of his house. Lit candles were placed everywhere. I was seated in the middle of the room on the floor with my legs crossed.
I was taking slow, deep breaths. In my head I was envisioning myself with my wings. Then I'd switch that picture with another of me without my wings. I kept this up for awhile bow, but nothing was changing.
After ten minutes I gave up with an exaggerated sigh. "This isn't working." I announced. "Don't you have some kind of magic pill that could do this for me?"
"No!" Todd snapped.

The Afterlife part 6

At first flying was the most amazing thing in the world. I'd spent most of my life trying to find the ultimate air time. It just took dying to find it.
About halfway through mu journey the thrill was lost. Flying just became like walking. Normal.
It had been about another forty five minutes until I flew over a river. The map said it was the Thames. Once on the right side of the river I spotted the house that was my destination. I glided down and landed several yards from the house.
The house was smaller than I'd expected. Then again I probably shouldn't underestimate anything here.

bloody thursday update

If you read my earlier post(bloody thursday) i am okay. Nothing happened today. Just thought id let you know

I know I just posted, but....

It had to be done. They both looked like twilight vampires in that pictures, and someone had to fix it. Now they both look much more alive.
What do you guys think?

Don't let the bed bugs bite,
Sleep tight, and sweet dreams.
-Waterfall Bomb

Bloody Thursday

Today is probably one of the most interesting days of school I'll ever have. Allow me to explain.
A couple of weeks ago we had a bomb threat called into my school. That paired with a group of student vandalizing the bathrooms saying there was going to be a shooting today didn't make a good combination. The administration has been on high alert with daily student searches, and a new bathroom policy. The standards are a little ridiculous.
Yesterday though, it was announced that they found the people who made the threats. The people suspected are people are knew pretty well.